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Turiya Autry Biography

A firm believer in the power of art to heal, transform and inspire, Turiya uses her creativity and voice as a tool of  resistance and awareness.

Turiya's poignant lyrical observations reach thousands each year. She teaches university courses in Black Studies and Women Studies. Over the past decade, she has provided classes, workshops and performances to students and audiences of all ages throughout Oregon, as well as nationally, at over twenty universities and over fifty schools k-12.

She's shared stages with well known figures like bell hooks, John Trudell, Nikki Giovanni, Ursula Le Guin, Lyrics Born, Spearhead, Saul Williams, Kevin Garnett and Hillary Clinton (when she was the 1st lady). Portland's 2003 "Grand-Slam Poetry Champion," she represented Portland at the national poetry competitions in 2000, 2001, and 2003.

 Whether teaching university courses or youth workshops, rocking the mic or working behind the scenes, Turiya is a positive community force.

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