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General Career Information

  • Career Opportunities: The major in Black Studies can lead to a variety of opportunities for employment and advanced study. Black Studies graduates can work in health services, government, social work, law, public affairs, education, and the fine and performing arts.


  • Skills & Knowledge Developed in this field

    Cultural Sensitivity

    • Possessing a multicultural mindest
    • Working with competing notions and ideas
    • Understanding society through culture
    • Incorporating interdisciplinary methods
    • Examining the relationship of historical, economic and political forces
    • Understanding the practical significance of academic experiences
    • Developing appreciation for racial and class differences and perspectives


    • Writing clearly and effectively
    • Reading for comprehension
    • Speaking clearly and effectively
    • Describing and evaluating issues/problems/events
    • Expressing ideas through several media (e.g. film, music)
    • Listening to others
    • Challenging conventional ideas
    • Conveying ideas systematically
    • Explaining complex concepts
    • Communicating between cultures

    Project Development, Analysis, & Research

    • Identifying research topics
    • Gathering information
    • Assessing needs and interests
    • Generating ideas
    • Identifying resources
    • Synthesizing
    • Developing sound research designs
    • Analyzing and evaluating data
    • Seeing relationships between factors
    • Translating theory into action
    • Working with community groups
    • Solving problems & thinking critically

    Interpersonal Relations

    • Collaborating as part of a team
    • Understanding cultural diversity
    • Awareness of gender and race
    • Clarifying others' thoughts and ideas
    • Determining the needs of others
    • Acknowledging value systems
    • Adapting to other cultures
    • Listening to other cultures
    • Listening carefully
    • Interviewing non-judgementally