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Choosing the Biology Major

  • Is the Biology program right for me?
    • Biology is the study of plant and animal life. Biologists study the anatomical and cellular structure of organisms, how they have evolved over time, and how they interact with each other in the world. At PSU, Biology students have the option of concentrating in General Biology, Organismal Biology, Microbiology/Molecular Biology, or Botany. Biology is one of the most popular majors at PSU because it opens the doors for many careers in the health sciences. While many Biology classes are large lecture courses (particularly during the first few years of the program), Biology majors spend a lot of time doing hands-on work with other students in the lab and have opportunities to get off campus to help with field research across the Pacific Northwest. If you are curious about how plants and animals function, enjoy solving problems, have reasonably strong math and study skills, and are able to commit significant time to doing lab work, the Biology major could be a good fit for you.
  • What can I do with a Biology degree?
    • As the study of plant and animal life, the Biology major provides an excellent foundation for many careers, particularly in fields relating to health. Biology majors often go on to medical, nursing, dental, or veterinary school. Other career paths for Biology majors include academic research, government positions related to forestry, conservation, or the National Parks system, forensics (using physical evidence to solve crimes), or work for non-profit environmental research and advocacy groups. Biology majors will be increasingly in demand as society faces the consequences of global climate change. Any field that requires an understanding of how organisms or ecosystems work needs qualified biologists. The PSU Career Center has many excellent resources for Biology majors exploring career options. Click here to visit a page they have created specifically for Biology students.