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Locker Rental/Showers


Short and long term general lockers, for personal belongings, are currently being offered for rent at Cramer Hall and Neuberger Hall.

Short term rental is for one semester and priced at $30. Long term rental is for three consecutive semesters and is $65. Rentals may be paid for by cash, check or billed to your student account. Eligibility for a locker requires you to be a part/full time students or a faculty member.

For your first time renting please visit the Box Office in person. Renewing may be done over the phone.

Cramer Hall rental lockers are located on all floors and Neuberger Hall has lockers for rent on every floor but the first. A map is available so that you may request which building, floor and specific locker area you would like to rent.

The lockers have built in locks so you do not need to provide your own.


Showers are available in the Rec Center. This is free for students but a towel/lock membership is available for staff and faculty. Information can be found here.