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Will Bruno Exhibition Statement & Artist Bio

Exhibition Statement

I moved into the house I currently live in without a single piece of furniture. A friend donated a mattress, which I put on the floor. There was a desk in the living room that had been left behind by a previous tenant. I pulled in into my room next to the mattress. It was strange how well things fell together with that desk. The walls are painted predominantly glossy off-white with one wall painted matte brown. I don't know when glossy off-white was in style. Maybe never. Maybe the sheen is a product of time. At any rate, the disk is a similar brown hue as the brown of the wall and the brown of the blanket I have on my bedl The room has a pwerful nostalgic 60's vibe. I make most of my drawings in this space.

Will Bruno's thesis exhibition entitled When I woke We Were Several Thousand Miles North is split between Portland State University's AB Lobby and MK Galleries. Bruno pulls from his personal history to create disjunctive narratives composed of disparate elements. He employs drawing, painting, writing, music, and sculpture in his installations that illuminate the current human experience in relation to industrialization and what's left of our wilderness areas.

Artist Bio

Will Bruno was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1981. He attended high schools in Colorado and Vermont. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Western Washington University, in Bellingham, WA in 2005. He is currently a Master of Fine Arts Candidate at Portland State University, In Portland, OR.