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Faculty & Staff

The Department of Art at Portland State University consists of nationally and internationally known artists, designers, educators, and art historians actively engaged in their respective fields and with the extended community. Our faculty of professional artists offers expertise in all degree areas. Our adjunct faculty provides fresh insights which augment the concentrations and majors of the Art Department.

William LePore, Art Department Interim Chair

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

  • Gunnar Adamovics, Art Practices, Sculpture
  • Holly Andres, Art Practices, Video, Time Arts, Foundations
  • Gordon Barnes, Foundations, Digital Media
  • Drew Bell, Graphic Design, Digital Media
  • Rob Bonds, Graphic Design, Digital Media
  • Barbara Branham, Drawing
  • Precious Bugarin, Graphic Design
  • Varinthorn Christopher, Foundations
  • Brenden Clenaghen, Art Practices, Drawing, Painting, Foundations
  • Michael Creger, Sculpture
  • Laura DiTrapani, 2D Animation and Time Arts
  • Tia Factor, Painting
  • Lori Gilbert, Art Practices, Drawing, Printmaking, Foundations
  • Anna Gray, Foundations
  • Julia Grieve, Photography
  • Lisa Gronseth, Painting
  • Sabina Zeba Haque, Art Practices
  • Rachel Hibbard, Drawing, Painting, Foundations
  • Callie Johnson, Graphic Design
  • Avalon Kalin, Graphic Design
  • Una Kim, Art Practices, Drawing, Painting
  • Briar Levit, Graphic Design
  • Mike Little, Grapic Design
  • Chris Michel, Graphic Design
  • Sarah Morgan, Art Education
  • Molly Newgard, Art History
  • Chris North, Graphic Design
  • Mark Oldani, Capstone
  • Ryan Paulsen, Foundations
  • Yvonne Perez Emerson, Graphic Design
  • Kim Ray, Foundations
  • Sean Regan, Art Practices, MFA studies
  • Margaret Richardson, History Modern Design, Art History
  • Patrick Rock, Art Practices, MFA Professional Practice, Sculpture
  • Crystal Schenk, Art Practices, Sculpture
  • Mandee Schroer, Art Practices, Drawing, Foundations
  • Conrad Schumacher, Art Education
  • Margaret Shirley, Art Practices, Painting
  • Michael Simmons, Art Education
  • Lee Stewart, Art History
  • Susan Stutz, Graphic Design
  • Amy Steel, Art Education
  • Vicki Wilson, Art Practices

Emeriti Faculty

  • Lisa Andrus-Rivera
  • Craig Cheshire
  • Mary Constance
  • Walton Fosque
  • Jean Glazer
  • Ray Grimm
  • James Hansen
  • Jim Hibbard
  • Robert Kasal
  • Mel Katz
  • Claire Kelly-Zimmers
  • Leonard Kimbrell
  • Michihiro Kosuge
  • Jane Kristof
  • Daniel Pirofsky
  • Robert Morton
  • Emily Young


  • Ellen Wack, Administrative Coordinator
  • Xavier Oberlander, Administrative Program Assistant
  • Mary McVein, Visual Resources Curator
  • Arman Bohn, Digital Facilities Coordinator
  • Mandee Schroer,  Projects Administrator
  • Patrick Rock, Gallery Director
  • Eric Franklin, Materials Lab Coordinator
  • Karen Hensley, Office Coordinator