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Past PSU MFA Monday Night Lectures


Fall 2010


October  5 - Léonie Guyer 

Léonie Guyer makes drawings, paintings, and site responsive installations.  Her work explores the interconnection between idiosyncratic shapes and the spaces they inhabit.  Guyer’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.








October 12 - Mel Ziegler 

Mel Ziegler received his M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts. Since that time he has lectured throughout the United States, Europe and South America. He has received numerous awards including National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Awards in 1989 and 1993, the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award, the Pollock-Krasner Award, and an Augustus Saint-Gaudens Fellowship. His work is shown nationally and internationally. In 1989, he was included in the Whitney Biennial.




October 19 - Joseph Park

Joseph Park graduated from Cornish in 1988 and received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 1990. His rich and imaginative paintings possess a distinct style that simultaneously evokes illustration, photography and painting. Joe Park is currently showing at the Apex Gallery at the Portland Art Museum, and in a self curated group show at Ambach and Rice called From Whence the Rainbow Came.  The work in both shows chronicle the development of a new painting methodology he calls Prizmism. 


October 26 - Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith's writing has been called "some of the most exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry" by Publishers Weekly. Goldsmith is the author of ten books of poetry, founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb (, and the editor of I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, which was the basis for an opera, "Trans-Warhol," that premiered in Geneva in March of 2007. An hour-long documentary on his work, "sucking on words: Kenneth Goldsmith" premiered at the British Library in 2007.


November 2 - The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Editorial Collective

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is a Los Angeles magazine, edited by an editorial collective. The magazine sits at the discursive juncture of fine art, media theory and anti-authoritarian activism. The collective also works together on art projects and cultural events. Please join them for a presentation and theoretical retrospective of the past seven years of the project’s life.





November 9 - Laurel Nakadate    

Laurel Nakadate is an American video artist and photographer who was born 1975 in Austin, Texas and raised in Ames, Iowa.  Nakadate's 2005 solo show at Danziger Projects, "Love Hotel and Other Stories," was featured in The New York Times, The Village Voice, and Flash Art. Art critic Jerry Saltz named her a "standout" in the 2005 "Greater New York" show at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, N.Y.


November 16 - James Yood    

James Yood has been an educator, critic, essayist and media commentator on visual arts for over 20 years. He is currently faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in the School of Art History, Criticism and Theory. Active as a contemporary art critic and essayist, Yood is Chicago correspondent for Artforum and temaceleste, and a regular contributor to GLASS magazine, American Craft, Aperture, and Art and Auction.





Winter 2010

January 25 - Hasan Elahi  

Hasan Elahi is an interdisciplinary artist whose work examines issues of surveillance, simulated time, transport systems, borders and frontiers. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions at venues such as the Centre Georges Pompidou, Sundance Film Festival, Kassel Kulturbahnhof, The Hermitage, and at the Venice Biennale. Elahi recently was invited to speak about his work at the Tate Modern, Einstein Forum, and at the American Association of Artificial Intelligence.





February 1 - George Kuchar

George Kuchar ranks among the most exciting and prolific independent videomakers working today. With his homemade Super-8 and 16mm potboilers and melodramas of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, he became legendary as one of the most distinctive and outrageous American underground filmmakers.


February 8 - Paul Ramirez Jonas

Paul Ramírez Jonas' selected solo exhibitions include The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut, The Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas; a survey at Ikon Gallery (UK) and Cornerhouse (UK); Alexander Gray Gallery (NYC); Roger Björkholmen (Sweden); and Postmasters Gallery (NYC).  read more

February 15 - Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders was professor of History of Ideas and English at Pitzer College in Claremont, California and a prolific author. Sanders retired from Pitzer College in 2005 but remains active as an author. In 1998 Sanders was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize by Harper's magazine for his book Alienable Rights: The Exclusion of African Americans in a White Man's Land, 1619-2000. 



Spring Term - 2010

April 5 - Sam Durant

Sam Durant is a multimedia artist whose works engage a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. Often referencing American history, his work explores the varying relationships between culture and politics, engaging subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, southern rock music, and modernism. His work has been widely exhibited internationally and in the United States. read full bio


April 12 - Stephanie Syjuco

Stephanie Syjuco is a visual artist who’s recent work uses the tactics of bootlegging, reappropriation, and fictional fabrications to address issues of cultural biography, labor, and economic globalization. Working primarily in sculpture and installation, her objects mistranslate and misappropriate iconic symbols, creating frictions between high ideals and everyday materials.

To watch the lecture video and read full bio, click here.


April 19 - Akihiko Miyoshi

Portland based Akihiko Miyoshi explores the intersection between art and technology, most frequently dealing with issues surrounding photographic representation. His works often reveal the conventions of perception and representation through tensions created by the use of computers and traditional art media. read full bio

Artist statement:



April 26 - Michael Rohd of Sojourn Theatre

Sojourn Theatre creates new performance in Portland, Oregon and around the nation that utilizes media, site-specificity, participation and civic-engagement practice to partner with audiences as co-authors throughout the development process and production of non-traditional theatre events. read full bio


May 3 - Swoon

Swoon's worlds are often populated by realistically rendered-- and evocatively cut-out-- street people, often her friends and family. Riding bikes, talking on a stoop, going grocery shopping-- these people traverse a cityscape of her own unique invention. Bridges, fire escapes, water towers and street signs create crisscrossing shadows and spaces through which her figures move. read full bio


May 10 - Hank Willis Thomas

Ads Imitate Art, Art Imitates Life, Life Imitates Ads.

Hank Willis Thomas is a contemporary African American visual artist and photographer whose primary interests are race, advertising and popular culture. Thomas states that his "B(r)anded series is a result of an exploration, and subsequent appropriation of the language of advertising. By employing the ubiquitous language of advertising in my work, I am able to talk explicitly about race, class and history in a medium that almost anyone can decode.

To watch the lecture video and read full bio, click here.


May 17  Open Engagement Conference Panel with Nils Norman, Mark Dion and Amy Franceschini. 

Open Engagement is a three-day conference that is an initiative of the Portland State University Art and Social Practice concentration and co-sponsored by Pacific Northwest College of Art and Portland Community College. Directed by Jen Delos Reyes and Harrell Fletcher and planned in conjunction with the Portland State University MFA Monday Night Lecture Series, this conference features three nationally and internationally renowned artists: Mark Dion, Amy Franceschini and Nils Norman. The conference will showcase work by Temporary Services, InCUBATE, and a new project by Mark Dion created in collaboration with the PSU Art and Social Practice concentration.

Open Engagement Artist Bios