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OIT provides a research computing infrastructure that is intended to facilitate research activity and meet ongoing computing requirements. Currently we offer the following system resources for research use:


  • Web application serving - We provide various web servers for general research applications and specialized use.  Apache, Php5.2/5.3, mod_WSGI (python), Ruby on Rails.
  • Database serving - DB hosting is available including Postgresql (PostGIS/ArcSDE), MySQL and [limited use only] SQL Server.  
  • Compute servers - We currently offer two servers hosting a wide array of research software.  These are typically used for long running jobs or those requiring intensive system resources.   
  • Linux clusters - ARC supports two parallel compute clusters.    These are available for compute intensive processes using software written to accommodate parallel process execution. 
  • Geospatial servers - We offer both open source spatial servers (MapServer and GeoServer), and ArcGIS Server for serving online maps and providing WMS, WFS services.
  • Research data storage -  Approximately 40TB  high speed storage (on storage area network).  ARC is working to acquire large volume storage to accommodate additional storage demand. Research data is backed-up. 


ARC works with the PSU research community to strengthen our research computing capabilities and address increasing needs. This includes high performance computing, geospatial serving, mass-storage and open source database managements systems.