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ARC Documents and Frequently Asked Questions.

Cluster FAQ

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General FAQ

How do I get a Research account?

Research Server - Contact ARC to request a research account

How do get access to my lab's Research Share?

To request access to a Research Share please fill out the  I: drive access onlineweb form.

How do I request/create a Research Share?

Fill out the I: drive access onlineweb form.  Be sure to note in the comments that this is a new share.

How I do access to my lab's Research Share from off campus?

  Directions for various operating systems can be found here.

What is my Research Share Quota and how much am I using?

  To check your Research Share quota and usage ssh to and run the following command:

       df -h /vol/share/{your_share_name}

Can I increase my Research Share Quota?

  Quota increases can be requested by Contacting ARC. Please include why you need the increase.

What is the policy for Long Running Processes (LRP) on the research server?

  We ask that users nice their processes and be mindful that the Research Compute Servers are a shared resource. ARC reserves the right to kill or renice processes that become a detriment to other users. Our full LRP policy can be found here.