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Hardcopies of PSU theses (submitted through 2012) are located in the LD 4349 call number range on the Third Floor of Millar Library. Digital copies of some theses and policy papers are available in PDXScholar (all theses from 2010 to the present and a small but growing portion of theses from 1971 - 2009).

Name Thesis Title Year Call number
Martin E. Adams Mutual Climatic Range in Oregon: Reconstructing Northern Willamette Valley Paleoenvironments Using Fossil Insect Remains 2008 LD4349.A85 2008.A33
Jennifer Amiott Accessing Entertainment and Recreation: An Examination of Issues for Young Adults with Physical Disabilities in Portland, Oregon 2000 LD4349 .A85 2000.A49
Ricky Gilmer Atwell Subsistence Variability on the Columbia Plateau 1989 LD4349 .A85 1989.A87
Patricia Kathryn Banach Copper on the Pacific Northwest Coast 2002 LD4349 .A85 2002.B36
Kori Barnum A Histomorphometric Analysis of the Drifting Osteon in the Human Clavicle 2005 LD4349.A85 2005.B37
Nancy Scarlette Beaini Something Old, Something New: Marriage Customs among the Druze in the Shouf Mountains of Lebanon 1989 LD4349 .A85 1989.B4
Thomas Becker Results of Shellfish Analysis from 35LNC33, A Site in the Salmon River Estuary, Lincoln County, Oregon 2004 LD4349 .A85 2004.B43
Françoise Bourdonnec Identity, Nostalgia and Leisure: Technology Use in Second Homes 2010 LD4349 .A85 2010.B678
Ruth McGilvra Bright Harney Area Cultural Resources Class I Inventory, A Cultural Resources Overview 1980 LD4349 .A85 1980.B74
Shari A. Burke The Effect of the Ideology of Motherhood on Women 2007 LD4349 .A85 1995.B87
Robert M. Burnett The Burnett Site: A Cascade Phase Camp on the Lower Willamette River 1991 LD4349 .A85 1991.B86
Stephanie T. Butler The Interpretation of Indoor Storage Facilities from Two Plank House Sites in the Greater Lower Columbia River Region 1995 LD4349.A85 2007.B88
Janet Bennion Cannon An Exploratory Study of Female Networking in a Mormon Fundamentalist Polygynous Society 1990 LD4349 .A85 1990.C36
William James Cannon The Bureau of Land Management and Cultural Resource Management in Oregon 1979 LD4349 .A85 1979.C36
James Carlson The Chipped Stone Assemblage at Cadir Hoyuk in the Alisar Regional Project: Technology and Typology in the Chalolithic and Bronze Ages on the North Central Anatolian Plateau 2006 LD4349.A85 2006.C37
William Lloyd Cornett Enculturing Culture 1998 LD4349 .A85 1998.C67
Marilyn Dunlap Couture Recent and Contemporary Foraging Practice of the Harney Valley Paiute 1978 LD4349 .A85 1978.C68
Alisa Elizabeth Crawford Tillamook Indian Basketry: Continuing and Change as Seen in the Adams Collection 1983 LD4349 .A85 1983.C7
Jon Darin Daehnke Public Outreach and the 'Hows' of Archaeology: Archaeology as a Model for Education 2002 LD4349.A85 2002.D34
Melissa Cole Darby Wapato for the People: An Ecological Approach to Understanding The Native American Use of Sagitaria Latifolia on the Lower Columbia River 1996 LD4349 .A85 1996.D37
Robert James David Rock Art as Shaman's Tools: Testing and Refining Landscape Symbolism Models in the Klamath Basin 2005 LD4349.A85 2005.D38
Sarah Louise Davies The Sasswood Ordeal of the West Atlantic Tribes of Sierra Leone and Liberia: An Ethnohistoriographic Survey 1973 LD4349 .A85 1973.D3
Deborah Davis Bone Tool Technology: Measurements of Curation and the Spatial Distribution of Bone and Antler Artifacts from a Pacific Northwest Coast Plank-house Site 1998 LD4349 .A85 1998.D38
Sara J. Davis Projectile point variation at the Meier (35CO5) and Cathlapotle (45CL1) archaeological sites 2010 LD4349.A85 2010.D389
Lyman Patrick Deich Aboriginal Clay Figurines from the Upper Rogue Valley in Southwestern Oregon 1982 LD4349 .A85 1982.D44
Molly M. Doenka The Women's Liberation Movement and Identity Change: An Urban Pilot Study 1972 LD4349 .A85 1972.D6
Elaine Dorset A Historical and Archaeological Study of the Nineteenth Century Hudson's Bay Company Garden at Fort Vancouver: Focusing on Archaeological Field Methods and Microbotanical Analysis 2012 Available Online
Catherine Douillet Gender, Power, and Identity in an African-American Church 1997 LD4349 .A85 1997.D68
Heather Drought Sternal Morphology in Extant Primates, Proconsul and Subfossil Lemurs 2006 LD4349.A85 2006.D76
April Eagan Heritage and Health 2013 TBA
J. Tait Elder Exploring Prehistoric Salmon Subsistence in the Willamette Valley Using Zooarchaeological Records and Optimal Foraging Theory 2010 LD4349.A85 2010.E43
Clara Guadalupe Ellis Female Inmates Perspectives on Incarceration and Correctional Education at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility 2005 LD4349.A85 2005.E45
Ellen Carol Webb Franklin Native American Images in American Films 2005 LD4349.A85 2005.F73
Linda Lani Freidenburg This Looks Like an Old Point: Time and Projectile Points in the Tualatin Valley, Oregon 1993 LD4349 .A85 1993.F75
Kristen Fuld The technological role of bone and antler artifacts on the Lower Columbia : a comparison of two contact period sites 2012 Available Online
Alexander William Gall A Critical Examination of the Cultural Resource Management Policies and Practices at Three International Development Agencies 2002 LD4349 .A85 2002.G35
William Gardner-O'Kearney Domestic hearth features at the Cathlapotle (45CL1) and Meier (35C05) sites in the Wapato Valley of Oregon and Washington 2010 LD4349.A85 2010.G37
Keith Donald Gehr Late Pleistocene and Recent Archaeology and Geomorphology of the South Shore of Harney Lake, Oregon 1980 LD4349 .A85 1980.G4
Daniel Gilmour Chronology and ecology of late Pleistocene megafauna in the northern Willamette Valley, Oregon 2011 Available Online
Margaret L. Glover Log Structures: Criteria for their Description, Evaluation and Management as Cultural Resources 1982 LD4349 .A85 1982.G6
Britt A.S. Godchaux Alternative Medicine in Portland: Practice, Place and Systemic Constraint 2008 LD4349.A85 2008.G638
Yvonne P. Hajda Mary's River Kalapuyan: A Descriptive Phonology 1976 LD4349 .A85 1976.H29
Shingo Hamada Anthropology in Social Context: The Influence of Nationalism on the Discussion of the Ainu 2006 LD4349.A85 2006.H35
Karla Hambelton Scratched petroglyphs in the Bennett Hills, Idaho 2012 Available Online
Stephen Coursault Hamilton Technological Organization and Sedentism: Expedient Core Reduction, Stockpiling, and Tool Curation at the Meier Site (35CO5) 1994 LD4349 .A85 1994.H355
Ingrid T. Hanna A Spectrographic Analysis of Bahasa Indonesia Vowel Phonemes Under Primary Stress in CVC Words 1974 LD4349 .A85 1974.H28
Russel R. Hatz The Development of a Cultural Resources Management Database Using Existing Data For Non-Federal Lands 1999 LD4349 .A85 1999.H38
Walter Vernon Haugen Analysis of Variance of Neandertal and Modern Human Limb Proportions 2001 LD4349 .A85 2001.H38
Jennifer Lynn Haynes-Clark American Belly Dance and the Invention of the New Exotic: Orientalism, Feminism, and Popular Culture 2010 LD4349.A85 2010.H39
Jamie Sue Hebert Event Ecology: An Ecological Analysis of Discourses Surrounding the Disappearance of the Kah Shakes Cove Herring 2011 LD4349.A85 2011.H43
Dana Holschuh Marxist Analysis of Ceramics Recovered from the Village 2013 TBA
Diane M. Humphrey-Newell Henna: Uses of it in the Middle East and North Africa 1981 LD4349 .A85 1981.H85
Sarah Anne Johnson Knowing You're Not Alone: An Anthropological Exploration of Peer Groups and Infertility Journeys 2004 LD4349.A85 2004.J64
Gretchen Anne Kaehler Patterns in Glass: The Interpretation of European Glass Trade Beads from Two Protohistoric Sites in the Greater Columbia Region 2002 LD4349.A85 2002.K34
Jon Geoffrey Kleckner A Multivariate Test of Evolutionary Stasis in Homo Sapiens 1989 LD4349 .A85 1989.K58
Joanne M. Laetsch A Functional Interpretation of Pottery from Batan Island, Philippines 1972 LD4349 .A85 1972.L28
Bryan J. Lefler An Application of Finite Mixture Based Cluster Analysis to the Humeri of Several Large Bodied Hominoid Species 2002 LD4349.A85 2002.L44
Pui-Lam Lo Ethnic Identity Changes Among Hong Kong Chinese Americans 1993 LD4349 .A85 1993.L6
Patricia Louise MacAodha Waitperson/Customer Interaction as an Example of Community 1992 LD4349 .A85 1992.M33
Amanda Lubit Policy Paper Coming Soon 2013 Policy Paper
Cassandra Manning The role of salmon in middle Snake River human economy : the Hetrick site in regional contexts 2011 Available Online
Michael A. Martin The Fisheries of the Lower Columbia River, 1792 to 1850, Based on EuroAmerican Explorer and Fur Company Accounts 2006 LD4349.A85 2006.M375
Lillian LaVern Matthews The Institutional Hearth: Food and Resistance at an Afrocentric Residential Care Facility 2007 LD4349.A85 2007.M37
Joanne McClarty Incest: A Study in Networking in Multnomah County, Oregon 1984 LD4349 .A85 1984.M347
Kendal Lyle McDonald Archaeological Applications of Magnetometry and Ground Penetrating Radar in Flood Plains of the Pacific Northwest 2002 LD4349.A85 2002.M39
Maureen McNassar Newman Description and Management Plan for 35MU4, the Sunken Village Archaeological Site at Sauvie Island, Multnomah County, Oregon 1991 LD4349 .A85 1991.N49
Maria Michalczyk An Estimation of Relatedness Within Two Oregon Populations Using Isonymy Analysis 1989 LD4349 .A85 1989.M54
Stephan Aulick Million A Method for Analyzing Census Data from Small Populations 1979 LD4349 .A85 1979.M52
Darin R. Molnar Artifact Information Management System (AIMS) 5.0, An Archaeological Artifact Attribute Electronic Database Management System 1999 LD4349 .A85 1999.M65
Hillary Montuori Friends of the Children: Portland Postsecondary Preparation Recommendations 2013 Policy Paper
David L. Moore I Don't Speak My Own Language: Ethnicity Among the Malayalees of Singapore 1994 LD4349 .A85 1994.M66
Anne Morrill An Anthropological Examination of Mandated Ultrasounds as an Element of State Policy on Abortion 2008 Policy Paper
Meredith Mullaley Rebuilding the architectural history of the Fort Vancouver Village 2011 Available Online
Barbara C. Nicodemus Designing an Instructor's Manual for Introducing Cultural Concepts in the Medical School Curriculum 1989 LD4349 .A85 1989.N53
Larry L. Niemeyer Proverbs: Tools for World View Studies-An Exploratory Comparison of the Bemba of Zambia and the Shona of Zimbabwe-Vol II 1982 LD4349 .A85 1982.N54
Leslie Marietta O'Rourke The Wapato Valley Model: Prehistoric Archaeological Site Location on the Floodplain of the Columbia River in the Portland Basin 2005 LD4349.A85 2005.O76
Erin Lee Osterud Gibbon Classification: The Issue of Species and Subspecies 1989 LD4349 .A85 1989.O82
Marilyn Sargent Peterson Prehistoric Mobile Stone Sculpture of the Lower Columbia River Valley 1978 LD4349 .A85 1978.P43
Francis Marie Philipek Post-Mazama Aboriginal Settlement/Subsistence Patterns: Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon 1982 LD4349 .A85 1982.P5
Gwendolyn Marie Harris Pierce An Explanation into the Applicability of a Psychological Technique for Anthropological Research 1971 LD4349 .A85 1971.P5
Jennifer Therese Poat Good Enough Health: Sacrifice and Shame in Health Care Seeking Behaviors Among Oregon's Latino Workers 2007 LD4349.A85 2007.P63
Caroline Yvonne Princehouse You Don't Have to Have a High School Education to Work Here: An Ethnography of a Chain Store 1984 LD4349 .A85 1984.P74
Doria Lee Fingerhut Raetz Bone Tool Assemblages as an Aid to Shell Mound Typologies on the Northwest Coast 1989 LD4349 .A85 1989.R34
Mary Francis Samuel Ricks Intercultural Adjustment in an Academic Enrichment Program 1977 LD4349 .A85 1977.R5
Mary Frances Ricks A Survey and Analysis of Prehistoric Rock Art of the Warner Valley Region, Lake County, Oregon 1995 LD4349 .A86 1995.R53
Ellen Wallace Robinson Charles E. Borden: His Formulation and Testing of Archaeological Hypotheses 1986 LD4349 .A85 1986.R66
Christine Skei Rossi After the Sixties: Anthropology in the Sixth Grade Social Studies Textbooks 1986 LD4349 .A85 1986.R66
Susan Rosenkranz Healthcare Disparities: An Anthropological Exploration of the Patient-Physician Relationship 2007 Policy Paper
Julia Ruppell Vocal Diversity and Taxonomy of Nomascus in Central Vietnam and Southern Laos 2007 LD4349.A85 2007.R87
D. Leif Rustvold An Application of Neural Network Analysis to the Determination of Population Affinity for Kennewick Man 2002 LD4349.A85 2002.R87
Karla Jean Schilling Multivariate Analysis of the Role of Size as a Source of Sexual Dimorphism and Genus - Species Variance in the Femur and Humerus of Pan and Gorilla 1997 LD4349 .A85 1997.S35
Michael Charles Schurke Investigating Technological Organization at the Buck Lake Site (45PI438) in Mount Rainier National Park using a lithic debitage analysis 2011 LD4349 .A85 2011.S38
Eliot Scott Militarization & functional changes at the United States-Mexican border 2009 LD4349 .A85 2009.S36
Margaret Anne Sharp The Relationship Between Romanes and English Spoken by the Portland Gypsies 1983 LD4349 .A85 1983.S5
Melissa Anne Smart Middle Paleolithic Hominids from the Near East and the Debate Concerning the Origin of Modern Humans: A Multivariate Study 2001 LD4349 .A85 2001.S63
Cameron McPeherson Smith Social Stratification Within a Protohistoric Plankhouse of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Usewear and Spatial Distribution Analysis of Chipped Lithic Artifacts 1975 LD4349 .A85 1975.R58
Ross E. Smith Structural Bone Density of Pacific Cod (Gadus Macrocephalus) and Halibut (Hippoglussus Stenolepis): Taphonomic and Archaeological Implications 2008 LD4349.A85 2008.S677
Paul S. Solimano Prehistoric Land Use on the Upper Columbia: Assemblage Diversity, Composition and Location around Kettle Falls, Washington 2008 LD4349.A85 2008.S6778
Mary L. Soots International social resistance in the age of the internet : free trade in Latin America 2009 LD4349.A85 2009.S66
Alexander Stevenson Using archaeological fish remains to determine the native status of anadromous salmonids in the Upper Klamath Basin (Oregon, USA) through mtDNA and geochemical analysis 2011 Available Online
Nicole Anne Stutte The Holocene History of Bison in the Intermountain West: A Synthesis of Archaeological and Paleontological Records from Eastern Oregon 2004 LD4349.A85 2004.S78
David D. Sullivan Neutron Activation Analysis and Chemical Inference 1986 LD4349 .A85 1986.S94
Philip Sweeney Taiwanese Language Medical School Curriculum 2012 TBA
Aeron Teverbaugh Tribal Constructs and Kinship Realities: Individual and Family Organization on the Grande Ronde Reservation from 1856 2000 LD4349 .A85 2000.T48
Scott Preston Thomas The Determination of a Relative Chronology for a Surface Archaeological Site Using the Obsidian Hydration Dating Method 1981 LD4349 .A85 1981.T55
Patricia Ellen Thorpe Continuity of a Traditional Social Pattern 1972 LD4349 .A85 1972.T5
Janna Tuck A beer party and watermelon : the archaeology of community and resistance at CCC Camp Zigzag, Company 928, Zigzag, Oregon, 1933-1942 2010 LD4349.A85 2011.T83
Veronica L. Wanek A Qualitative Analysis for Sex Determination in Humans Utilizing Posterior and Medical Aspects of the Distal Humerus 2002 LD4349.A85 2002.W355
Roy Watters Saint Death Claims Legitimacy: An Investigation of the Forces of Conversion Within the Cult of Santa Muerte in Mexico City 2008 LD4349.A85 2008.W38
Roger Wiggin Functional Analysis of Great Basin Projectile Points 1979 LD4349 .A85 1979.W53
Shirley Jo Barr Williams Immunology and Archaeology: Blood Residue Analysis of Three Sites 1990 LD4349 .A85 1990.W55
Kathryn Wojcik Tracking Fish Response to Abrupt Environmental Change at Tse-Whit-Zen, a Village on the Olympic Peninsula of Northwest Washington State 2013 TBA
Carol Wolf The Birth of the Mexican Illegal Alien 1998 LD4349 .A85 1998.W65
John William Wolf The Spatial Distribution of Ground Stone Tools as a Marker of Status Differentials in a Chinookan Plank House of the Lower Columbia River 1994 LD4349 .A85 1994.W65
Susan I. Wolf A Test of the Simple Recessive Hypothesis for the Inability to Taste Phenyl-thio-urea: A Family Study 1973 LD4349 .A85 1973.W62
V. Claire Woodward The Ethnohistory of Baker Cabin, A Clackamas County Pioneer Site 1975 LD4349 .A85 1975.W6
Ina Jane Wundram A Cross-Class Survey of Synaesthesia in High School Students and Its Biocultural Implications 1973 LD4349 .A85 1973.W8
Katie Wynia Spatial Analysis of Tobacco Pipes at the Village Site at Fort Vancouver 2013 TBA
Eric Wynkoop Influences of globalization on local economy and middle class foodways in Mumbai 2009 LD4349 .A85 2009.W96
Juan Esteban Zea Internal Displacement in Colombia: Violence, Resettlement, and Resistance 2010 LD4349.A85 2010.Z43
Henry B. Zenk Contributions to Tualatin Ethnography: A Subsistence and Ethnobiology 1976 LD4349 .A85 1976.Z4