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Maria Beebe Maria Beebe
Dr. Maria Beebe is an applied socio-linguist who specializes in critical discourse analysis, women’s leadership, and information communication technologies (ICT) for development.
Community Partnership
James Beebe James Beebe
Dr. James Beebe is an applied qualitative social scientist, international development anthropologist, educator, and social activist committed to using the tools of the social sciences to promote justice.
Community Partnership
Jill K. Gardner Jill K. Gardner
Dr. Jill K. Gardner specializes in hunter-gatherer cultural development, settlement and subsistence practices, migration patterns, and the role of environment in social complexity.
Community Partnership
Michael A. Etnier Michael A. Etnier
Dr. Etnier specializes in zooarchaeology and historical ecology, with a focus on North Pacific marine ecosystems.
Faculty Member
Dr. Melanie Chang Dr. Melanie Chang
Dr. Chang specializes in physical anthropology, behavioral genetics, and evolutionary biology.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Michele R. Gamburd Meet Professor Michele R. Gamburd
Dr. Michele Gamburd is Professor and Chair of Anthropology.
Faculty Member
The Golden Wave The Golden Wave
Dr. Gamburd’s recently published book about Sri Lanka examines the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the humanitarian response that followed.
Into the Past Into the Past
In Alaska’s Seward Peninsula on the Bering Strait, Dr. Shelby Anderson and her collaborators search for clues that shed light on the lives of the people who lived in the region long ago.
Sharon A. Carstens Sharon A. Carstens
Faculty Member