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The Anthropology Department faculty have a wide range of research interests, including socio-cultural anthropology, Archaeology, and Biological Anthropology. Visit our SelectedWorks Author Gallery page on the library website to view electronic versions of published materials.

Faculty who can provide advising are indicated. Click here for faculty office hours for Spring Term. Feel free to "drop in" during the posted hours; faculty will be present and you do not need to make an appointment before coming by.

Also see our Anthropology graduate students and our student groups.

Undergraduate Advisor

Yarrow Geggus
CH 141L
Provides academic advising

MA Student, Portland State University
Masters student in Applied Anthropology with interests in local ecological knowledge and natural resource management; public education.

Full-Time Faculty

Shelby Anderson
Faculty Profile

CH 141M
Provides academic advising

PhD University of Washington 2011; Assistant Professor
Complex hunter-gatherers; social and technological change; ceramics; environmental archaeology; public archaeology; cultural resource management; Arctic, Sub-Arctic, Pacific Northwest



Virginia L. Butler
Faculty Profile

CH 141L
Provides academic advising

PhD University of Washington 1990; Professor
Archaeology; zooarchaeology; long-term connections between people and animals; applications of zooarchaeology to conservation biology and education; western North America



Sharon A. Carstens
Faculty Profile

CH 141O
Provides academic advising

PhD Cornell University 1980; Professor
Cultural anthropology; symbolic anthropology; identity; gender; ethnohistory; education; China, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Asian Americans



Michele R. Gamburd
Faculty Profile

CH 141H
Provides academic advising

PhD University of Michigan 1995; Professor and Chair
Cultural anthropology; transnationalism; globalization; migration; alcohol consumption; disaster studies; violence; gender; aging; political economy; Sri Lanka, West Asia, South Asia



Charles Klein
Faculty Profile

CH 141P
Provides academic advising

PhD University of Michigan 1996; Assistant Professor
Applied medical anthropology; gender/sexuality/queer theory; urban anthropology; sexual & reproductive health; social movements; non-governmental organizations; health disparities; food justice; Brazil; Latin America; North America



Jeremy Spoon
Faculty Profile

CH 141Q
Provides academic advising

PhD University of Hawai'i 2008; Assistant Professor
Local ecological knowledge and understanding; political economy; environmental sustainability; mountainous protected areas; place-based spirituality; applied anthropology; public education; mixed methods; South Asia, Native North America, East Africa



Sarah Sterling
Faculty Profile

CH 141E


PhD University of Washington 2004; Assistant Professor, Affiliate Faculty Middle Eastern Studies Center
Predynastic and Old Kingdom Egypt; North America; geoarchaeology; evolutionary theory, social complexity; ceramic analysis



Natalie Vasey
Faculty Profile

CH 141N
Provides academic advising

PhD Washington University 1997; Associate Professor
Biological Anthropology; primate behavioral ecology; life history adaptations; primate evolution; endangered and recently extinct primates of Madagascar
Biological Anthropology at PSU
Lemur Conservation Foundation Field School



Douglas Wilson
Faculty Profile

CH 141I

PhD University of Arizona 1991; Adjunct Associate Professor
Historical archaeology; method and theory; public archaeology; cultural resource management; North America
Fort Vancouver Archaeological Field School


Faculty Emeriti

Kenneth M. Ames
Faculty Profile

CH 141G

PhD Washington State University 1976; Professor & Chair Emeritus
Archaeology; method and theory; cultural ecology; complex hunter-gatherers; social archaeology; northeast Asia, North America



Marc R. Feldesman
Faculty Profile

PhD University of Oregon 1974; Professor & Chair Emeritus
Physical anthropology; primate and human evolution; primate anatomy; evolutionary theory; morphometrics; computer applications; forensic osteology



Jacob Fried

PhD Yale University; Professor Emeritus
Culture change and acculturation; psychological anthropology; adaptation to specialized and severe physical settings; Latin America, Arctic, and Subarctic America


Research Faculty and Affiliates

Robert Boyd
Faculty Profile

PhD University of Washington 1985; Departmental Affiliate
Northwest Native American early contact era ethnohistory; culture contact and change; disease and demography; historical epidemiology; depopulation and its cultural effects; hunter-gatherer resource management and anthropogenic fire



Douglas Deur
Faculty Profile

PhD Louisiana State University (Geography and Anthropology); Associate Research Professor
Cultural and political ecology; cultural landscapes; indigenous peoples; ethnobiology; applied research; cultural perspectives on natural resource management and restoration; ethnohistory; Northwestern North America


Michael Etnier
Faculty Profile

PhD University of Washington 2002; Senior Research Associate.
Zooarchaeology, historical ecology, biogeography, stable isotopes, North Pacific marine ecosystems


Jill K. Gardner
Faculty Profile

PhD University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2006; Departmental Affiliate
Hunter-gatherer cultural development, settlement and subsistence practices, migration patterns, the role of environment in social complexity, social and political change, forensic anthropology, cultural resources management; Native North America, California, the Mojave Desert, Egypt, Jordan


Arunima Kashyap
Faculty Profile

PhD Michigan State University 2006; Departmental Affiliate
Archaeology; starch grain analysis; lithic use-wear analysis; corporate ethnography and user research; South Asia; Pacific Northwest


Rachel Lahoff

MA Portland State University 2013; Research Assistant
Applied anthropology; environmental anthropology, indigenous peoples and protected areas; politics of representation; political economy; local/traditional ecological knowledge; Native North America


Tom Thornton
Faculty Profile

PhD University of Washington 1995; Departmental Affiliate
Sociocultural anthropology, applied anthropology, ecology, environmental anthropology, film, subsistence economies, space and place, social change, public policy, globalization, indigenous peoples and states, Native North America, Pacific Northwest Coast, Circumpolar North


Adjunct Faculty


Jennifer Aengst
Faculty Profile

CH 141T

PhD University of California - Davis 2011; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cultural and Medical Anthropology; reproduction; population studies; fertility politics; gender; contraceptive technologies; ethnic/religious conflict; Ladakh, Himalayas, South Asia


Kori Barnum
Faculty Profile

MA Portland State University 2005; Adjunct Instructor; Forensic Scientist for the Oregon State Police
Forensic biology, forensic evidence collection and documentation, crime scenes, firearms analysis, human skeletal anatomy, human evolutionary genetics. 


Melanie Lee Chang
Faculty Profile 

PhD University of Pennsylvania 2005; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology; ecology and evolutionary biology; paleoanthropology; Paleolithic archaeology; systematics; evolutionary genetics; scientific writing


William Cornett
Faculty Profile

CH 141J

MA Portland State University 1998; Adjunct Instructor
Political Ecology; Power and Resistance; Ethnographic Writing; Archaeological Fieldwork Methods


David Lee Moore
Faculty Profile

CH 141T

PhD (ABD) Simon Fraser University, MA Portland State University 1994; Adjunct Instructor
Cultural Anthropology; Southeast Asia; South Asia; Nationalism; Ethnicity; Globalization; Historical Anthropology


Amiee Potter
Faculty Profile

CH 141J

PhD University of Oregon 2004; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Biological Anthropology; Molecular Anthropology; Skeletal Biology; Human Evolution; Craniofacial growth and development; Peopling of the Americas; bioarchaeology of southern California and the Great Basin


Cameron M. Smith
Faculty Profile

CH 141J

PhD Simon Fraser University 2004; Adjunct Assistant Professor
Archaeology; spatial analysis; lithic usewear analysis; European and North American Prehistory; evolution


Mary Soots
Faculty Profile

MA Portland State University 2009; Adjunct Instructor
Latin America; environmental and economic sustainability; geography; Hispanic communities in Oregon


Eric Wynkoop
Faculty Profile

MA Portland State University 2009; Adjunct Instructor
Cultural anthropology; globalization; food culture; culinary education; Ayurveda; South Asia; East Asia



Office Coordinator

Connie Cash
Staff Profile

CH 141F

Departmental budget, grants, personnel