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Chinookan Peoples Supplemental Materials

book cover of Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia River

Boyd, Robert T., Kenneth M. Ames and Tony A. Johnson 2013 Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia River. University of Washington Press, Seattle.

Cited literature is in the full bibliography of the print book except for ancillary bibliography for Table S2.1.

Chapter 2 Cultural Geography of the Lower Columbia
David V. Ellis
Table S2.1 Lower Columbia Chinookan Villages: named sites from contemporary observers or multiple sources.
Chapter 3 Ethnobiology: Nonfishing Subsistence and Production
D. Ann Trieu Gahr
Table S3.1 Major Food Resources (Excepting the Fin Fishes)
Table S3.2 Plant and Animal Resources Used in Technology)
Chapter 4 Aboriginal Fisheries of the Lower Columbia River
Virginia L. Butler and Michael A. Martin
Appendix. Methods Used in Fish Bone Analysis and Data Synthesis
Table S4.2 19th-century records of Lower Columbia fishes
Table S4.3 Lower Columbia archaeological sites with fish remains.
Table S4.4 List of fish taxa and frequency (NISP) by habitat type, time period and mesh size recovery.
Figure S-4.1 (Butler figure 5). Relative frequency (% NISP) of taxa by mesh size, field recovery, 6.4 mm mesh vs. >3.2 mm.
Figure S-4.2. Relative frequency (% NISP) of taxa by mesh size, bulk
Chapter 5 Lower Columbia Trade and Exchange Systems
Yvonne Hajda and Elizabeth A. Sobel
Figure 5.1 Lower Columbia River Exchange System Based on Ethnohistorical Sources.
Chapter 11 Lower Chinookan Disease and Demography
Robert T. Boyd
Table S11.1: Lower Columbia Pre-contact Ailments: documented and likely.
Table S.11.2: Secondary Introduced Diseases along Lower Columbia
Chapter 16 Chinookan Writings: Anthropological Research and Historiography
Wayne Suttles and William L. Lang
Table S16.1 Pre-1850 Documents containing information on Lower River Chinookans