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New Graduate & Young Alumni Resources

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Jobs and Career 

Best Career Blogs and Websites

Career Enlightenment


Job Jenny (local recruiter)

Job Searching Do's and Don'ts

How to Avoid Ending Up on Umemployment Line

11Common Interview Questions that Are Illegal 

Don't Let Your College Major Dictate Your Career

Get a Head Start on Job Hunting Before Finishing School

Make the Most of Your Summer Job

Job Searching Sites

Career Connect Database at Portland State

Idealist - Find jobs and internships all over the world

Mac's List - Find nonprofit jobs in the Portland area

Top 100 Niche Job Sites


Managing Money 

Freshman Year Survival Guide

Preparing for Retirement - in your 20s!


Graduate School

Choose a Graduate School

Thiking about going to Graduate School? Here are a few website that can help you find out more information about other schools.

US News Best Graduate Schools:

Graduate School USA:

Idealist Grad Fair travel over the contry:

PSU Office of Grduate Studies: 

Order Your Degree Transcript

Don't forget to order your OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT.

Find out how to order your office transcript here:

Apply to Graduate School

Here are few articles and website that can help get a head start!

US News has a list of great articles that help learn about all the steps:

The Princeton Review:

Talk to a school Representative at One of the Idealist Fair:

Apply to Graduate School at PSU:


Bon Voyage!

We are sad that you are moving away from Portland, but we want to make sure you have a wonderful trip to whatever destination you choose. Here are a few things that might help you on the way:

Join an official PSU Alumni Network

Existing Regional Alumni Networks:

Existing International Alumni Netowrks:

Moving Away

Here is a great article for people moving away after college:

Not sure where to go yet? No worries, here is a article that can help you decied:

Looking for a moving service? Here is a start:


Great tip for people to start thinking about moving out of home after college:

Finding a Place to Live After Graduation:

Here is a great blog post talking about how to find affordable housing after graduation:

Thinking about moving to New York? This is for you:


Start Paying for Your Student Loan

Don't wait! Start mapping out your payment plan right now!

Here is a great article to start with:

Now, on to the managing your payment part:

Manage Your Future:

You Can Deal with It:


Life After Graduation

Here are two website that can help start your life after graduation:

Giving Back to Portland State!