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Alumni Networks

At Portland State University, we are proud of the fact that we have a dedicated alumni population around the world. There are many ways to stay connected to PSU and alumni networks (regional, international, and special interest) can help you engage in ways that are important to you. Alumni Networks provide a great opportunity to network, learn the area, make friends, and be a part of PSU even from a distance. These chartered networks work in partnership with the PSU Alumni Association.


Regional Alumni Networks: These United States based networks are identified as areas where a significant number of alumni live and work (300+). They are officially chartered by the PSU Alumni Association.

International Alumni Networks: Like regional networks in the United States, these are networks formed in a specific country for members of that country to stay connected to Portland State University.

Special Interest Alumni Networks: These are groups organized around a specific industry or special interest based activities. These alumni networks are more narrowly tailored to serve alumni communities.



For those wishing to start an Alumni Network in their area, or for more information about Alumni networks, please contact: Jacqueline Fitzner, Office of Alumni Relations at

We will help you assess the population in your area and guide you through the process of establishing a Network.