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Portland State Switchboard

The PSU Alumni Association is proud to be the founders of the Portland State University Switchboard!

Switchboard connects students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends of the Portland State Community. Switchboard is a place where you can ASK for what you need and OFFER what you have. Anything from job or internship opportunities, a place to buy or sell furniture, to finding Portland State alumni around the world— you can Switchboard it!

PSU has many thriving exchange communities both on and off campus, and Switchboard creates a centralized place for the entire PSU community to utilize. It's every Facebook sub-group and campus bulletin board rolled in to one.

Connect Switchboard to your social media, or just sign up using your email address. You can configure your settings to receive alerts for the things that matter most to you so you don't have to check it everyday. For example, if you are looking for a job you can configure your alerts to "offers" "jobs" and "Portland." Configure as many alerts as you need!

Overwhelmed at the number of posts? Enter any word in the search function and it will bring up all posts that have that word in it. Also, you can use the filter function to narrow down the posts. 


Here is a New User FAQ and please contact Jackie Fitzner, Alumni Networks Coordinator at if you have any questions!