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Withdrawals/Dropping classes

Students must initiate all drops and/or withdrawals from a course. It is your responsibility to withdraw properly by the deadline dates in the Academic Calendar. However, some departments may drop you for non-attendance on the first day of class.

You may drop a course online with no record of the course on your transcript up to the end of the second week of the term. (As a courtesy, you should notify the instructor that you intend to drop.) From the beginning of the third week up to the end of the seventh week, you may withdraw using a Special Registration form, but a "W" will be recorded on your transcript.

A "W" will have no impact on your GPA. However, if you are receiving financial aid, it might have an impact on your ability to continue receiving aid. If you wish to withdraw after the seventh week you must have extenuating circumstances and petition the Deadline Appeals Committee.