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Credit by examination

Undergraduate students may obtain Credit by Examination in three basic ways.

  1. Examination in Portland State University courses approved for Credit by Examination and administered by Portland State departments or schools.
  2. Examinations approved by PSU and available through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP offers 1) general examinations and 2) subject matter examinations. CLEP subject or general examinations may be taken prior to or after entering the University. If you pass a CLEP exam, the University accepts the number of credit indicated in the CLEP table but only after admission is granted and you are enrolled in PSU courses. CLEP exams are available by appointment at Testing Services in the Center for Student Health & Counseling (503.725.5301).
  3. Advanced Placement Program (mentioned earlier).

Credit earned by examination does not count toward PSU residence credit. For more information on Credit by Examination, please read the PSU Bulletin for policy and restrictions.