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            Advising & Career Services Organizational Chart


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Greg Flores Becki Ingersoll
Jeanne Ellis Ann Mestrovich

Aidee Casillas
Karen Kennedy Stephanie Hamington
Leena Shrestha
Regina Arellano Shannon Aniciete Staci Kiker
Louise Paradis
Mary Vance
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 Advising & Career Services logo (small)  Brandy Bell

Picture: A collage of the staff at ACS 

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Left to Right:

Top row: Carla Harcleroad (Associate Vice Provost), Greg Flores (Associate Director, Career Development), Becki Ingersoll (Interim Director) 

Second Row: Ann Mestrovich (Assistant Director, Employer Relations), Jeanne Ellis (Internship Coordinator), Aidee Casillas (Employer Relations Assistant)

Third Row: Karen Kennedy, Stephanie Hamington, Leena Shrestha (all Academic Advisers)

Fourth Row: Regina Arellano (Academic Adviser), Shannon Aniciete (Career Counselor), Staci Kiker (Academic Adviser)

Fifth Row: Louise Paradis, Caitlin Sweeney, Mary Vance (Career Counselors)

Sixth Row: Brandy Bell (Office Manager)


Paul Maziar, Marketing and Design Student Assistant!


Meredith Tracy, Internship and Employer Relations Student Assistant


Student Office Assistants not pictured: Anna, Genera, Lucero, Amy, and Melissa