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Academic Advising for Undecided (Exploratory) Majors

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process in which students and their advisers are partners in meeting the essential learning outcomes that support student success. This partnership requires the participation and involvement of both advisers and students as students are engaged in the exploration process; once students select a major they will be advised per the advising plan for the major they are pursuing.  

Advising & Career Services (ACS) is responsible for advising undergraduate students who have not chosen a major or who are changing their major. Students are assigned to academic advisers based on the last two digits of their PSU ID number. We strongly encourage students to meet with their assigned ACS adviser each quarter until they have chosen a major.

PSU ID Number
00 - 24
Annie Thompson
25 - 49
Karen Kennedy
50 - 74
Nelson Sigrah
75 - 99 Regina Arellano
Students in the Honors College Leena Shrestha

Living, Learning Community Students, 
Conditionally Admitted Students 

Shoshana Zeisman









Veterans Certification Advising: Undeclared student veterans should see their assigned adviser (see above list.)

Prospective Student Advising: Undeclared prospective students may see any ACS adviser; call 503-725-4005 for an appointment.

If you have decided on a major, please make sure you officially declare it on your student record. We recommend that students who are exploring majors meet with an adviser first, either in ACS or their desired major, to assure that the major is truly a good fit for them. For information about meeting with an adviser for your major or program, go to