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Transferology Course Equivalency System

Transferology (formerly provides transfer course equivalency information and degree progress reports.

The PSU Transferology System (transfer equivalency and degree audit) is a WEB-based advising system intended to assist potential transfer students in reviewing course transferability, equivalency, and applicability to Portland State University degrees and major programs. The system should be utilized by students, in consultation with a college or university adviser as part of their educational decision-making process. Note that there is a different Transferology environment for advisers known as the Transferology Lab. This system provides the most current information available regarding course transferability and changes to Portland State University curriculum and degree requirements. Degree requirements and course articulation may change prior to student's admittance to PSU. Information obtained through this system should be considered unofficial. It will be verified through an official Transfer Evaluation Report, provided to the student upon admission to Portland State University.

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Transferology Tips

  • You may review Basic Transfer Rules for an overview of how credits transfer

  • Catalog Eligibility Rules: Portland State graduates must meet the requirements of the Bulletin (catalog) in effect when they matriculate to any accredited, post-secondary institution, subject to the seven-year rule (see below). Once admitted and enrolled, students may graduate under the guidelines of any catalog issued after their first admission and enrollment term, whether or not the student was enrolled during the year in which said catalog was in effect.

  • Seven-year Rule: No catalog is valid for longer than the summer term following the seventh academic year after issuance of the catalog. Example: The 2014-2015 catalog will expire at the end of summer 2021.

  • Portland State University accepts credit from accredited institutions even though matches may not be displayed. These courses will be evaluated upon formal admission to Portland State. Such courses, when entered into your student account in Transferology, will show up on the “Maybe” tab under Matches and may show up as a course from an "unknown institution" on the Programs (degree audit reports).

  • Advisers have access to Equivalency Tables which are available for most, but not every, local transfer partner, as well as AP, IB and CLEP exams. Portland State University accepts credit from accredited institutions even though Transfer Tables may not be displayed. Some Transfer Tables are more complete than others. Portland State may accept credit for a course even though it is not listed in a Transfer Table. If a course is not listed in a transfer table, it may show up as an "unknown" course on the Program (degree audit report). This type of course will be evaluated upon formal admission to Portland State.

  • Many transfer courses are assigned an equivalency of 'LD' (lower division) or 'UD' (upper division) instead of a course number. The 'LD/UD' designated courses will apply to total degree hours.