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Apply to PSU - Co-Admission - New Applicant

Submit your online application. Select CO-ADMIT Undergraduate as your student type. Make sure to review the co-admission application deadlines

Review Transfer of AP/IB/CLEP

See how your Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and CLEP credits transfer to PSU.

How Credits Transfer

See how your earned college credits will transfer toward your PSU degree.

Admission Requirements for Freshmen

Find out what requirements you must meet to be admitted to PSU.

Discover General Education at PSU: Urban Honors

The University Honors Program serves high-achieving, academically-motivated students.

Discover General Education at PSU: University Studies

Students are exposed to a range of coursework outside of the major discipline.

Explore our Academic Programs

Discover all of the degree and certificate programs offered at PSU.

Schedule a Visit to PSU

Tour the campus or check out special visitation programs.