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Mike Gorji
Mike Gorji

Associate Professor


Dr. Gorji’s area of specialty is structural mechanics. His research deals with the theoretical prediction of the behavior of fiber-reinforced composite materials subject to various loading and environmental conditions. One current study concerns the development of a reasonable model to simulate the response of advanced composites in the plastic regime and within the domain of large deformation theory. Another related activity concerns the prediction of time-dependent primary and secondary creep deformation of unidirectional composite plates. Additional studies are currently underway to investigate the behavior of composite laminated beams and plates under dynamic loads, the creep bending of von Karman type annular plates, and the nonlinear response of plates to various loading conditions. Dr. Gorji teaches Vibration Analysis in Structural Engineering, Steel Design, Structural Analysis, Design of Composite Structures, Theory of Plates, Structural Dynamics, and Advanced Mechanics of Materials.