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How Credits Transfer

If you are transferring college-level credits from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, PSU will accept your credits. Your transcripts will be evaluated when you apply for admission. If admitted, you will receive a transfer evaluation that shows how your credits transfer to PSU and how they fit into your graduation requirements. Prior to applying for admission, there are tools such as Transferology available to help you determine how your credits will transfer.

Basic Transfer Rules

Knowing if your credits will transfer is important! Here are some basic transfer rules that will help you understand how credits are accepted at PSU.

Transferology Course Articulation

Students at Oregon and Southwest Washington community colleges and universities may use PSU’s online resource, Transferology Course Equivalency System, to determine how credits transfer prior to admission. Transferology shows how credits transfer and which courses satisfy requirements for your major.

Transfer Degrees & Agreements

Some Associate's degrees are designed to facilitate your transfer to a 4-year institution. Additionally, PSU has agreements with many schools that are designed to ease your transition and help you on your academic path. Read about Transfer Degrees and Agreements.

Degree Maps

The Degree Maps provide complete lists of courses required, term by term, for every degree. These academic planning tools are to be used in consultation with an academic advisor.