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Minimum Academic Requirements: International Postbaccalaureate

International applicants for postbaccalaureate admission must must have completed a degree equivalent to a United States four-year bachelor's degree from a college or university recognized as an institution of higher education by the Ministry of Education in the relevant country.

Postbaccalaureate (undergraduate): Postbaccalaureate students may be seeking a second bachelor's degree or undergraduate certificate.

Postbaccalaureate (other): Postbacalaureate students may be taking undergraduate or graduate level courses in preparation for admission to a future advanced degree. Postbaccalaureate students are not yet admitted to a graduate program. Be sure to contact a graduate adviser for information about transferring postbaccalaureate credit hours to a graduate degree program.

Requirements for a second bachelor's degree

A candidate for a second baccalaureate degree must complete the following:

  1. Residence credit after earning first degree: If the first degree was from Portland State University, 36 additional credits must be taken at Portland State. If the first degree was from another accredited college or university, 45 credits must be taken at Portland State. Restriction: At least 25 of the 45 credits must be for differentiated grades (A-F).
  2. Requirements for degree: if second degree sought is different type (i.e., B.A. versus. B.S.) then student must also complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Music. Please consult an academic adviser or current University Bulletin for the specific degree requirements.
  3. Requirements for the major: Courses taken as a postbaccalaureate student or as part of the first degree program count toward the major. Students do not need to meet the general education requirement, however they must complete the minimum number of credits in residence at Portland State that are required.

NOTE: Postbaccalaureate students who do not hold a degree from a university where the language of instruction is English must satisfy the Writing 323 requirements before graduation from Portland State University.

NOTE: Transfer evaluations are not done automatically for postbaccalaureate students seeking a second degree. These students should work with an academic adviser in their major area of study to request an evaluation of eligible transfer work from their first degree.