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International Admission Team

Meet the Portland State University International Admission Team


Samuel E.C. Dunlop

International Admission Counselor & Coordinator of International Communication

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Favorite Thing About PSU: 

The urban environment that surrounds the University; it is so easy to get by foot, bike, street car, bus, or MAX to almost anywhere in Portland.


 Karen Hanson

Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Favorite Things About Portland State University: Faculty commitment to student learning. 

Favorite Things About Portland: People here are just plain nice.



Erin Jensen

Domestic & International Admission Counselor

Hometown: Boise, Idaho 

Favorite Things About PSU: I think of PSU as vibrant, energetic institution that has continued to grow and improve beyond expectations. I see this embodied in our students and staff, who have so much passion for innovation, creativity, and a genuine love of experiential learning. What better setting to put this passion to good use than the bustling, funky, cutting-edge city of Portland?