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Collaborative Life Sciences Building

The Collaborative Life Sciences Building (CLSB) is a brand new building in South Waterfront with lecture halls, research and teaching labs, and academic offices for PSU. The building is shared with OHSU and OSU.  Starting Fall 2014, the Biology and Chemistry departments will hold classes in the new, state-of-the-art lecture hall and teaching labs.

Lectures offered in CLSB have a start time that is offset 15 minutes from the common PSU Time Grid to accommodate for travel time to the new building.  This will help students avoid scheduling back-to-back courses, which traditionally allows only 10 minutes of travel time.  Labs have an offset start time of 30 minutes on average.


Where is the Collaborative Life Sciences Building located?

The CLSB is located at 2730 SW Moody Ave., Portland, OR 97201

Click here for larger map.


How long will it take to get to the CLSB?

Students will need to factor travel time to the CLSB.  There are several ways to get to the building.

  • Walking: Estimated walking time from the PSU Park Blocks to CLSB is 20 minutes.

  • Biking: Biking from the main campus to CLSB will take 5-7 minutes.  There is ample bicycle parking.

  • Transit: The Portland Streetcar is the primary transit connection between the main campus and CLSB and is free for all PSU students and employees. The Streetcar takes 7-10 minutes to reach CLSB from the PSU Park Blocks.

  • Driving: The CLSB has very limited parking options and driving to this location is strongly discouraged. A limited amount of parking permits will be available to students and employees via PSU Transportation & Parking Services. These permits will also be valid as general parking permits on the main PSU campus. All other PSU parking permits WILL NOT be valid at CLSB. Hourly and daily parking will also be available at CLSB, but demand is expected to be high due to the many other tenants and visitors to the building.


Lecture and Lab Schedules for Fall 2014

CLSB 1A001 Lecture Hall Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 1N046 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 1N056 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N016 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N026 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N036 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N046 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N056 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N066 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N089 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N099 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N103 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N108A Lab Schedule 201404.jpg

CLSB 2N109 Lab Schedule 201404.jpg


Building Hours

Monday-Friday, 7am - 10pm

Saturday, 8am - 5pm

Sunday/Holidays, closed