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Intellectual Property

The educational and research activities of employees of the Board of Higher Education and its institutions frequently result in the discovery of new knowledge in the form of inventions, technological improvements, and the production of educational and professional materials. The general policy of the Board is to make such results available to the public in the most expeditious manner (see the OUS administrative rules and IMDs referenced below). In general, individual faculty and staff, as employees of the Oregon University System, conduct work on behalf of the System. Therefore, any new materials, inventions, or processes which result from such work are the legal property of the Oregon University System. To protect inventions, copyrightable software, and other copyrightable materials, faculty should inform the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, 111 Cramer Hall (5-3423), of any new intellectual products and seek the assistance of the university Technology Transfer Officer. Certain products including some educational materials, professional papers and textbooks are considered to be the property of the developer (see the IMDs referenced below).

PSU Policy on Intellectual Property

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