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Curricular Change Policies, Forms and Instructions

New Program Approval Process

with Deadlines for Catalog Inclusion Indicated
(A guide to the new program approval process)

Curriculum Change Process

with Deadlines for Catalog Changes Indicated
(A guide to the curriculum change process including:
changes to existing programs, new courses, and changes to existing courses)

Course Review Process

Proposal for New Course (Revised form dated January 2014 required effective Spring 2014)
New Course Form Instructions

Proposal for Change in Existing Course (Revised form dated January 2014 required effective Spring 2014)
Change Existing Course Form Instructions

Program Review Process

Academic Program Submission Pathways

FAQs (Program Approval Process)


[Note: the NEW Academic Program Proposal Process has been revised effective Fall 2014]

Proposal Form for a NEW Academic Program

Guidelines for External Review of a Graduate Program

Proposal Form for a CHANGE to an Existing Program

Proposal Form for Delivery of an Existing Program to a New Location

Certificates and Minors

Proposal for New Certificate (revised 9/14)

Proposal for New Academic Minor

Change to an Existing Certificate or Minor

Honors Tracks

Proposal for New or Change to Existing Honors Track



Check Here for the
Status of New Programs, Degrees, and Certificates