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Teaching Assistant


Technology Classrooms and Lecture Halls

High Technology lecture halls are located throughout campus and range in size from 50 to 300 seats. These facilities are designed to enhance education through the use of pictures, graphics, video, internet access, video conferencing, and other technologies. Technology classrooms and lecture halls are scheduled through the Registrar's Office. Technology classroom requests can be made through your departmental scheduling coordinator using the course section maintenance form. For additional information, contact the manager of technology classrooms at 5-8280.

Technology Workshops and Seminars

IUser Support Services offers workshops and training to PSU faculty and students throughout the year. Sessions focus on the use of pedagogically effective strategies for integrating technology into instructional practices and for conducting research. For more information, call 5-HELP (5-4357). Additionally, User Support Services offers a variety of classes on the use of software applications supported by the Office of Information Technology including: Word, Excel, Access, Web designs, Email, and Google. Registration for these classes are scheduled via the following website:


Please see the entry for Networking and Telecom here

Television Services

These services are on the fifth floor of Neuberger Hall with responsibility for the production and distribution of television materials as well as distance education facilities. A catalog of video and film holdings is available online and in room 18 Smith Memorial Center (5-3537).


The final year for tenure consideration is in the 6th probationary year, although recommendations to award tenure earlier may come at the department's discretion. In some instances, prior experience at another institution may count as part of the six-year probationary period as defined in the initial letter of offer. If a faculty member is not awarded tenure at the end of six years, notice of termination will be given. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.

Tenure Relinquishment Programs

Occasionally, the University offers tenure relinquishment programs. These programs are announced by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Tenure-Track (Annual) Appointments

Unclassified employees (at .50 FTE or more) on a tenure-related (Annual) appointment will be evaluated and considered for appointment to indefinite tenure after serving an appropriate probationary period. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.

Termination for Cause

The appointment of a tenured or non-tenured faculty member may be terminated "for cause." "For cause" is defined as conviction of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, failure to perform duties adequately, or other proscribed conduct as defined in State System or PSU administrative rules. Faculty charged with such "for cause" conduct have the right to a formal hearing before a special ad hoc hearing committee. Reference: Oregon Administrative Rules.

Termination Not for Cause

Tenured and tenure-related appointments may be terminated due to (1) financial exigency, or (2) program or department reductions or elimination. Termination other than for cause or financial exigency requires timely notice Reference: "Oregon Administrative Rules" and PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.

Textbook Orders

See the Faculty link at PSU BOOKSTORE. For more information contact your department/area support personnel or the PSU Bookstore Textbook Department, 5-3780.

Third Year Pre-Tenure Review

In order to ensure that candidates for tenure have a timely assessment of their progress so as to permit correction of deficiencies, there must be a review at the end of the third year. For faculty who have brought in prior service at another institution, the review will not be conducted until the end of at least one complete academic year at Portland State University. As a result of this review, candidates should be given an assessment of their progress toward tenure and of any deficiencies that need to be addressed. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.


The PSU Travel Office monitors all University travel procedures. PSU has contracts with certain travel agencies. Before incurring any travel expenses an employee must obtain appropriate approval(s) using the Travel Authorization/Request form. For complete information about travel arrangements and procedures contact your department/area support personnel.

Tri-Met Discounted Bus Passes

Tri-met offers the Passport program to faculty and staff with current PSU identification. Participation in the program allows faculty or staff to use PSU identification with an affixed Passport decal to ride anywhere in the Portand metropolitan region that is served by Tri-Met, C-Tran, and the Portand Streetcar. Purchase your pass at the Parking Office in Neuberger Hall or at the Information Center in the Urban Plaza. A monthly pre-tax payroll deduction is available.

Tuition, Staff Rates

University faculty and staff (.50 FTE and above) may take PSU courses at a special staff rate. Release time should be approved by the department/area chair/director. Appropriate forms and procedures are available in the department/area office. PSU faculty members are encouraged to pursue additional advanced degrees at other institutions. Faculty members above the rank of instructor are not eligible to receive an advanced degree in their own department or school,however, in special circumstances, they may earn a degree in a department or school in which they do not hold an appointment. Retired employees are also eligible for staff rates. See also FACULTY EDUCATION FUND, PART-TIME and STAFF FEE PRIVILEGE FORM.

Twelve-month Deferred Payment Option for Nine-month Employees

This option enables 9-month unclassified employees to spread their gross salary over 12 pay periods. This option is available only at the beginning of the academic year. For further information contact the Human Resources Office (302 University Services Building).