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ABC's of Portland State University | S

Section S

Sabbatical Leave Policy

Sabbatical leave is granted to qualified unclassified employees having academic rank for purposes of research, writing, advanced study, etc. Sabbatical leave may be granted to unclassified employees in special positions of responsibility and trust even though they do not hold academic rank. Sabbaticals range from three months to one year. Since sabbatical leave is a privilege and not a right, it is granted only when it can be shown that the applicant is capable of using this period in a manner that will provide greater service to the institution and to the state. Sabbatical application forms are available at HR FORMS. Completed forms should be accompanied by a current vita and a brief description of the purpose for the sabbatical. The application and attached materials are submitted through regular channels beginning with the department/area office. In signing the application form, a faculty member agrees to return to PSU for one year after the sabbatical expires or to reimburse the University for the entire cost of his or her salary and benefits if the full year of service is not completed. Reference: The Oregon Administrative Rules printed on the reverse side of the "Application & Contract for Sabbatical Leave" form.

Scholastic Standards Committee

This Faculty Senate committee develops and recommends academic standards with a view toward maintaining the reputation of the undergraduate program of the University. It reads and makes decisions on 1) requests for reinstatement from disqualified/dismissed undergraduate students and 2) requests for changes in undergraduate students' academic records for previous terms. Reference: FACULTY GOVERNANCE GUIDE and the PSU Bulletin.

Senior Instructor

This designation is used where the nature of the assignment requires special skills or experience in the instructional program but does not warrant the rank of Assistant Professor, or in a case where the performance of the individual could warrant the award of tenure. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment refers to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when: (1) Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment or academic experience; or (2) Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment, salary, or other benefit changes affecting an employee or academic decisions affecting a student; or (3) Such conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work or academic performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. Portland State University is committed to providing all students, faculty and staff an equal opportunity in education and employment and an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to the Office of Equity & Compliance at 5-5919. Reference: PROHIBITED DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT POLICY

Sick Leave

Full-time unclassified appointments are credited with eight hours of sick leave per month, or two hours for each week of service less than one month. Unclassified employees at .50 FTE or more, but less than 1.0 FTE, receive proportional sick leave credit. In some cases the University may require a physician's certificate to support a claim for absence or to certify that the return from sick leave would not be detrimental to the health of the employee or others. Sick leave taken must be reported to the Office of Human Resources via e-mail or the Unclassified Leave Taken Exception Report- HR FORMS. See SICK LEAVE.

Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU)

Smith Memorial Student Union, located at 1825 SW Broadway, is the hub of campus social life. It houses several snack bars, dining rooms, and a campus cafeteria. There is a University Market on the ground floor and the basement offers bowling and other activities. The University Event Scheduling Office on the first floor schedules most campus events other than classes. The Student Union offers conference rooms, catering, and banquet services for student and faculty events. For further information on Smith Memorial Student Union activities, contact the Smith Operations Office at 5-4522.

Smoking Policy

Portland State University prohibits smoking of any kind in any University building. Additionally, smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of any doorway, operable window or marked air intake.  Smoking is also prohibited in specific areas throughout campus (please refer to the policy for these locations).  The intention of the policy is to substantially reduce the risk of second hand smoke exposure for all University faculty, staff and students. When there are concerns about the effectiveness or appropriateness of this policy, please contact the designated personnel indicated in the policy for the area you are most concerned with. See UNIVERSITY SMOKING POLICY.

Social Work, Graduate School of

Reference: GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK and the PSU Bulletin.

Solicitation on Campus

The University discourages fund raising on campus by faculty and staff for purposes exclusively benefiting these groups.

Standards of Faculty Conduct

Membership in the University community accords the faculty member certain privileges, foremost among them the right to academic freedom; but such membership also places upon the faculty member special responsibilities. (1) As a teacher, the faculty member by precept and example encourages the free pursuit of learning in students; respects the confidential nature of the relationship between professor and student; and makes every reasonable effort to assure that his or her evaluation of students reflects their true merit. (2) As a scholar, the faculty member practices intellectual honesty, seeking and stating the truth as he or she sees it; devotes energy to developing and improving scholarly competence; and accepts the obligation to exercise critical self-discipline and judgment in using, extending, and transmitting knowledge. (3) As a colleague, the faculty member respects and defends the free inquiry of his or her associates; shows due respect for the opinion of others; and strives to be objective in his or her professional judgment of colleagues. (4) As a member of the University, the faculty member seeks above all to be an effective teacher, scholar, and administrator; participates willingly in the governance of the University; observes the stated regulations of the University, provided they do not contravene academic freedom although he or she maintains the right to criticize and seek revision of those regulations. (5) As an administrator, the faculty member has obligations toward the students, other academic staff members and the University which derive from membership in the academic community; and seeks to carry out his or her duties responsibly with due regard to equitable treatment of all personnel under his or her jurisdiction, so that the governance of the University effectively furthers its primary educational and scholarly functions. (6) As a member of the non-academic community, the faculty member has the same rights and obligations as any citizen; however, when the faculty member speaks or acts as a private person, the faculty member must avoid creating the impression that he or she speaks or acts for the University. All accusations of professional misconduct involving faculty members will be reviewed through the appropriate channels and forwarded to the Provost within ten working days. The Provost will, on the basis of the information available, determine whether to initiate progressive sanctions. Should the Provost find it necessary to initiate an investigation under the Article of Progressive Sanction, any federal agency funding the accused individual will be notified. Findings of academic fraud (e.g., fabrication or falsification of data, plagiarism) are sufficient to impose severe sanctions on the first offense.

State Motor Pool

The State Motor Pool, operated by the State Department of Administrative Services, is located in Salem. Call 503-378-4377 or see for information.

All Portland locations for the motor pool are closed. Renting through Enterprise, Hertz or Zipcar may be more convenient in most circumstances.

For more information, visit the PSU Business Affairs Office's travel page:

Student Conduct Issues

In a situation where student conduct is inappropriate, disruptive or appears to violate the Student Conduct Code, faculty should call the Office of Student Affairs (5-4422) for assistance. Proscribed behaviors, including academic dishonesty, are described in the Student Conduct Code which is available in the Office of Student Affairs (433 Smith Memorial Student Union), in the Schedule of Classes, and in the PSU Bulletin. In situations where the behavior may not violate the Student Conduct Code, but is problematic or concerns student-to-student behavior, faculty may contact the Office of Student Affairs for assistance, referral or problem resolution. The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services 5-2800, 200 University Center Building) is another resource for help with difficult behavioral issues.

Summer Session Appointments

Summer Session appointments are made departmentally. Faculty members teaching summer term may earn up to 20 percent of their annual 9-month salaries. (No instructor may earn more than 22 percent in an eight-week period.) For further information contact Summer Session (5-4183).

Summit Union Catalog

Summit is a library catalog that combines information from 36 Orbis Cascade Alliance academic libraries in Oregon and Washington into a single unified database. A Summit search presents results from the collections of the Alliance member institutions, followed by results from libraries around the world, giving you access to over 107 million library records. Titles available from Alliance libraries usually can be delivered by courier within a few days. Those available from outside the Alliance usually can be delivered in 10 to 14 days through interlibrary loan.