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ABC's of Portland State University | R

Section R

Recreation Facilities, Campus

Faculty may use the campus health and recreation facilities at the Peter W. Stott Center during scheduled times, and upon proof of current PSU identification and payment of a user fee. Spouses of PSU faculty may also pay a fee to use the facility. Guests are extended privileges with a per day fee, and must be accompanied by an eligible user. Children (age 16 and under) of eligible users are allowed to use the swimming pool only when accompanied by an adult during "family swim." For information on scheduled activities and facility hours contact Peter W. Stott Center (5-5110). See PETER STOTT CENTER.

Religious Holy Days

Any student who is unable to attend classes due to religious beliefs shall be excused from attendance requirements, examinations, and the assignment for that day. The student will make up the examination or other assignment by arrangement with the instructor. Students should make arrangements with faculty members prior to the holy day.

Research Assistant and Senior Research Assistant

These ranks are used for appointments whose primary responsibilities relate to supervised research. A degree appropriate to the research skills is required. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.

Research Associate and Senior Research Associate

Appointees to these ranks are responsible for conducting independent research and they normally hold a doctorate or the highest degree appropriate to the field. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.

Research & Strategic Partnerships (ORSP)

The ORSP (620 Market Center Building, 5-3423) works to provide support for faculty research, instruction and service activities at PSU by promoting and facilitating the acquisition of funds from private and governmental organizations. ORSP staff assist researchers in all stages of grant development and submission, from identifying funding opportunities and developing budget and cost proposals, to assuring compliance on human subjects and animal care issues, to negotiating workable terms on grants and contracts. They provide free access to funding databases, such as Community of Science, for PSU faculty and staff, administer the funding of Research Groups, arrange grant-writing workshops and offer assistance and advice to researchers attempting to navigate the often-confusing world of proposal submission. See ORSP. See also FACULTY INTEREST DATA BASE and the Appendix: PATENTS AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER.

Research Restrictions

All research must comply with federal regulations governing ethics and accounting. In addition, PSU will not support secret (classified) research, or permit hiring procedures that fail to comply with University affirmative action policies. Questions may be directed to the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, 600 Unitus Building (5-3423). See RESEARCH AND SPONSORED PROJECTS.


Unclassified and classified employees who resign from the University are responsible for several final actions. For details, contact your department/unit and the Office of Human Resources. Also see the Exit Checklist HR FORMS and SEPARATING EMPLOYEE.

Retirement Association of Portland State (RAPS)

The mission of RAPS is to "promote continued collegiality and communication among retired personnel and provide a vehicle for them to remain in contact with each other and support the goals and endeavors of their University." The roughly 200 members include retired employees of the University as well as working faculty and staff 55 years of age and older. Spouses are also members. RAPS holds a monthly meeting that is usually both social and educational. Other events are held throughout the year for members, including some that support the aims of the University. For more information see RAPS.


Retirement benefits for eligible academic or academic administrative employees of the Oregon University System (OUS) can be a significant part of one's income. Currently OUS offers two retirement plans: the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) with TIAA-CREF, VALIC, American Century, and Scudder Funds. Academic employees eligible to participate in either plan must have completed six full months of employment in a qualifying position and be a 12-month employee who works .20 annual FTE or be a 9-month employee who works .40 annual FTE. The retirement plan receives funding from employee and employer contributions. The employee contribution is 6% of gross salary, deducted on a pre-tax basis. Currently, OUS pays the employee contribution on behalf of most employees. Contributions to the employer account are 5.75% if you were hired after January 1, 1996. To be eligible to receive a retirement benefit from PERS or the ORP, an employee must be "vested" (contributions to PERS or the ORP in any part of five calendar years or leave PERS covered service at age 50 or older). A vested employee cannot lose the right to retirement benefits, even if the employee stops working. The earliest retirement age is 55 years. This is a brief summary only, and copies of the OUS Retirement Plan Decision Making Guide are available upon request from the PSU Office of Human Resources (302 University Services Building, 5-4926).