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Parking Permits

A permit is required in any University-owned lot or parking structure, except on Sundays and legal holidays when classes are not in session. To obtain a parking permit, the faculty member must present proof of current University employment along with license number, make, year, and color of vehicle. Permits may be purchased through payroll deduction. Permits cannot be transferred between drivers or between vehicles. A replacement permit must be obtained if the original vehicle is sold or when a regular permit is lost or damaged. A charge will be assessed for a replacement permit and may be refunded if the original permit is returned. Replacement permits are available from the kiosk booth located in Parking Structure 1, at 6th Avenue. See PARKING.

Parking, Visitor

Visitor parking permits are available to non-University personnel who are visitors to the campus, and who have been identified as a University volunteer or someone who is conducting official business with the University. Prior arrangements for visitor parking must be made with the Parking Office by the appropriate University department/area. Contact your department/area support personnel about visitor parking permits.

Patents and Technology Transfer

Grants and contracts are awarded, in the technical sense, to the Oregon University System. The individual researcher, as an employee of the Oregon University System, conducts research on behalf of the System. Therefore, any new inventions or processes which result from the research are the legal property of the Oregon University System. Public disclosure often disallows certain types of patents. To protect inventions all original drawings, notebooks, samples, records should be dated, signed, witnessed, and carefully preserved. Since patent rights are easily lost it is essential that the researcher inform the Office of Research and Strategic Partnerships, 620 Market Center Building (5-3423), of any new product, process, or method before making the information public. See LICENSING. See PATENTS AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER.


If all hiring and payroll paperwork are received from the department/area in the Office of Human Resources by the deadline, a faculty member should receive a paycheck on the last working day of the month. Paychecks are delivered to your mailbox by department personnel. If you have chosen direct deposit, earnings statements are delivered to your mailbox by department personnel or may be accessed online via banweb. In the event of a financial emergency, a faculty member may request a payroll advance. See HR FAQ.

Payroll Advance

Faculty members are allowed two payroll advances per calendar year. See HR FORMS.

Peer Review


Personnel Appointments

University personnel are hired in two different employment categories: CLASSIFIED and UNCLASSIFIED.

Personnel Files

Faculty members are allowed full access to their personnel files with limited exceptions. An individual's file may be reviewed in the department/unit, Dean's/Director's Office, or in the Office of Human Resources, but it may not be removed from those offices. Faculty members may add rebuttals, refutations, or explanations of any observations contained in their files.

Portland State University (PSU)

PSU is a comprehensive public university occupying 41 buildings within a 49-acre area in downtown Portland. The University began in 1946 as the Vanport Extension Center , and in 1955 "Portland State College" was established as a four-year institution. With the authorization to grant doctoral degrees in 1969, the name was changed to "Portland State University." PSU is part of the OREGON UNIVERSITY SYSTEM.

Portland Visitor Information

You can find visitor information on the web at Listed are areas of interest and references for shopping, dining, lodging, performing arts, and other things to do.

Professional Development Fund, Part-time

Part-time faculty members are eligible for professional development funds to help pay for the cost of research, travel, and conferences. Forms are available in the Office of Academic Affairs, 349 Cramer Hall, or on line HERE.


Faculty are initially eligible for promotion to the rank of Professor in the fourth year as an Associate Professor. The promotion requires significant contribution to knowledge as a result of research or creative work and the ability to teach effectively at all levels of the department. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES.

Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Policies and procedures for the evaluation of faculty are described in the "Portland State University Policies and Procedures for the Evaluation of Faculty for Tenure, Promotion and Merit Increases." Copies may be obtained from deans' offices or on line HERE.

PSU Faculty Association


PSU Home Page

PSU Presidents

Portland State University has had ten presidents: John F. Cramer, 1955-1958; Branford P. Millar, 1959-1968; Gregory B. Wolfe, 1968-1974; Joseph C. Blumel, 1974-1986; Natale Sicuro, 1986-1988; Roger Edgington (interim president), 1988-1990; Judith Ramaley, 1990-1997; Daniel Bernstine, 1997-2007; Michael Reardon (interim president), 2007-2008; and Wim Wiewel, 2008-present. See PRESIDENT'S OFFICE.

Public Officials

A Public Official is one who serves any public body in the state, in any capacity, whether or not one is paid. Thus, all faculty while serving Portland State University are considered Public Officials of the State of Oregon.