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ABC's of Portland State University | O

Section O

Office Hours

The University expects unclassified faculty members to post and observe regular office hours for student consultation during each academic term.

Ombuds Office

This office serves as a confidential, independent resource to students, faculty, and staff who need assistance in resolving problems and conflicts that arise within the campus community. See OMBUDS OFFICE.

Orbis Cascade Alliance

As an Orbis Cascade Alliance member, the Portland State University Library collaborates with 35 other academic institutions in Oregon and Washington to share information resources and expertise, and enrich and preserve our collections. A major benefit of membership is the Library's participation in and access to the Summit Union Catalog Resource Sharing service. Reciprocal borrowing privileges are offered at the Alliance member libraries for Portland State students, faculty, and staff.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)

In conjunction with the PSU Administrative Rules & Internal Management Directives, the OARs govern policies and procedures for unclassified appointments.

"Oregon Choices" Flexible Benefit Program

Faculty members working at least half time (.50 FTE) for the academic year are eligible for insurance benefits. The Flexible Benefit Program allows employees to choose between insurance plans best suited to their personal circumstances. New employees must enroll in the Flexible Benefit Program within 60 days of the date of hire. Employees may reselect insurance plans annually during open enrollment periods. See also HR FAQ.

Oregon Public Employees Union (SEIU-OPEU)

Oregon Public Employees Union, a local chapter of the Service Employees International Union, represents PSU classified employees as part of a state-wide bargaining unit that includes seven of the OUS institutions. The terms of the labor agreement are administered on a day-to-day basis by the Office of Human Resources (302 University Services Building, 5-4926). See also CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES.

Oregon University System (OUS)

The OUS consists of seven member-institutions - six universities and a technical institute. (The Oregon Health & Science University is an affiliated institution of OUS.) The seven member-institutions are Portland State University, Portland; Oregon State University, Corvallis; University of Oregon, Eugene; Eastern Oregon University, La Grande; Southern Oregon University, Ashland; Western Oregon University, Monmouth; and the Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls. Portland State University, like other institutions within OUS, is administered through the Chancellor's office by the State Board of Higher Education.

Outside Consulting and Employment

Full-time employees of the Oregon University System shall not engage in any outside activity that substantially interferes with regular duties, nor should outside activities exceed an average of one working day per week during the period of full-time employment. Outside activities must receive prior approval from the department chair/director, the Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Provost. Faculty members must make it clear when consulting that they are acting as individuals and do not represent the University. Outside activities may not involve the use of the University name, letterhead, property, equipment, or services without the express authorization of the employee's department chair/director and Provost. See POLICY ON OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT.

Overload Compensation

Overload compensation is paid for services in excess of full-time effort for institutionally sponsored activities. Regular on-campus classes and time spent in grant and research activities are not allowed for overload compensation except in extraordinary circumstances. Approval for overload compensation is required through regular reporting channels to include the Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Planning or other Vice President level. For details, see OFFER LETTERS.