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ABC's of Portland State University | F

Section F

Faculty Awards

BUTLER, MILLAR, HOFFMANN Other faculty awards are available in some schools/colleges. Please check with your dean's office.

Faculty Conduct


Faculty Development

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is committed to helping faculty succeed in their careers. Through the Center for Academic Excellence many activities are offered to enhance teaching and learning, community engagement and assessment. OAA annual funding opportunities are provided for full-time and part-time faculty support.

Faculty Education Fund, Part-time

The University provides funds to eligible part-time faculty members who wish to enroll in a career-related PSU course. Faculty members must apply to the fund in the term prior to the term in which the course will be taught. Forms are available in the Office of Academic Affairs, 349 Cramer Hall or on line here: HR FORMS.

Faculty Governance Guide

The FACULTY GOVERNANCE GUIDE includes the Portland State University Faculty Constitution as well as descriptions and current membership rosters of all-University committees. For further information on faculty governance contact the Secretary to the Faculty (5-4416).

Faculty Interest Database

Research and Sponsored Projects maintains a subscription to the Community of Science (COS) database. One of the options on this database is the faculty expertise profile. All faculty are encouraged to enter their curriculum vita and research interests on COS. The database is searchable by all faculty at PSU, in our region, and throughout the world. In order to get an assigned password to enter information on COS, faculty should contact the Office of Graduate Studies & Research, 600 Unitus Building (5-3423). See also RESEARCH AND SPONSORED PROJECTS.

Faculty Ranks


Faculty Resources

Many resources available to the faculty are listed under RESOURCES FOR FACULTY on the Office of Academic Affairs Home Page.

Faculty Responsibilities to Students

Once enrolled in a class, a relationship based upon mutual respect is established between a student and the instructor. From the beginning of the class, enrolled students may legitimately expect to know the instructor's goals, the content of the course and the instructor's expectations and grading methods. Other legitimate expectations are that students will be evaluated on the materials of the course and not on extraneous matters and that they will be given the opportunity to consult with the instructor outside of the classroom on matters relating to the course. See also FINAL EXAMINATIONS.

Faculty Senate

Portland State University recognizes the Faculty Senate as the official representative of the Faculty. Senate councils and committees make policy recommendations that affect nearly every phase of University life, from curriculum and degree requirements to changes in the structure of departments and programs. See the Faculty Senate Homepage for more information.

Faculty Senate Committees and Boards

Membeship lists are found in the FACULTY GOVERNANCE GUIDE (scroll down). All inquiries concerning the rules and practice of faculty governance should be directed to the Secretary to the Faculty, 341 Cramer Hall (5-4416).

Faculty Senate Meetings

Senate meetings are scheduled throughout the academic year on the first Monday of the month at 3 p.m. in 53 Cramer. All faculty members may attend Senate meetings as visitors and Senators may request privilege of the floor for visitors at meetings.

Faculty Senate Membership

The Faculty Senate consists of elected members and ex-officio members. Elected members of the Senate shall be chosen from the members of the Faculty. Representation shall be proportional by division. Elected members shall have full right of discussion, making of motions and voting. Ex-officio members are the President, the Provost, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, the Director of the Library, Special Assistant to the President, the Secretary to the Faculty, a representative of the retired faculty association, and the Student Body President of the Associated Students of Portland State University. (Chairpersons of constitutional committees serve as ex-officio members if not serving as elected members.) Ex-officio members have full rights of discussion but no right to vote. See also FACULTY GOVERNANCE GUIDE (scroll down).

Film and Video Collection

PSU maintains a collection of instructional films and videos available to faculty for checkout. The collection is catalogued in the Millar Library online catalogue and titles are available for classroom teaching with portable video equipment through the campus television closed circuit system. Films and videos may also be placed in the library reserve area for student viewing.

Final Examinations

The Final Exam schedule appears in each quarter's Schedule of Classes. The role of midterms and finals should be explained to students at the beginning of the term as part of the course syllabus. The time and date of the final exam may not be altered. If a final exam is not given, the scheduled time period should be used as the last class meeting.

Fine and Performing Arts, School of

References: SCHOOL OF FINE AND PERFORMING ARTS and the PSU Bulletin.

Fixed-Term Appointments

Fixed-term appointments are appointments for a specified period of time, may be renewed, and are not tenure-related. Reference: PROMOTION & TENURE GUIDELINES.