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ABC's of Portland State University | E

Section E

Earnings Statement

This Oregon University System statement accompanies each payroll check and reflects the employee's paycheck transactions such as: net and gross earnings, taxes paid, contribution and benefit deductions, etc.

Education, Graduate School of

References: GSE and the PSU Bulletin.

Elder Care


E-mail Addresses

Campus e-mail address can be found in the on-line PSU Faculty/Staff/Department Directory.


Campus Public Safety emergency telephone numbers are: on-campus, 5-4404; off-campus, 503-725-4404.

Emergencies, Medical

Accidents requiring emergency first aid should be reported by telephone to the Campus Public Safety Office. An officer trained in first aid will be sent to the scene. The officer will notify the University Student Health Service and, if necessary, units of the City of Portland fire rescue squad and ambulance services. The Student Health Service is for students only, and its facilities are not available to University faculty or staff members except in emergencies. See also CAMPUS PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICE.

Emergency Telephones

These phones are located throughout the campus and when the receiver is lifted, they ring directly to the Campus Public Safety Office (CPSO). Other campus telephones can be used to dial any campus extension, and have a placard mounted at the location displaying the CPSO's emergency number and the University's information number. Emergency "Blue Light" phones are also installed around the campus and in the parking structures. When activated, a direct line is opened to the CPSO dispatch center and the blue strobe light is engaged resulting in an officer being sent to the location.


This rank may be awarded faculty upon retirement. The award process is initiated by the department/area during the regular promotion and tenure process. Reference: PROMOTION AND TENURE GUIDELINES. Special benefits are accorded emeriti faculty upon presentation of an Emeritus Identification Card. To obtain an Emeritus Card, present your emeritus award letter along with the emeriti memo from Human Resources to the I.D. Card window in the Neuberger Hall Lobby during posted hours. A photo Emeritus Identification Card will be issued to you; this is a permanent card and will have no expiration date. For a listing of benefits offered to Portland State emeriti faculty please see READY TO RETIRE. See also RETIREMENT ASSOCIATION OF PORTLAND STATE.

Employee Assistance Program

Assistance is available through a 24-hour phone line and in person. See EAP.

Employee Hire Forms

Prior to the first working day, new unclassified employees are required to complete a new hire packet that includes the following forms: Employee Information Form, I-9, and W-4 NEW EMPLOYEE FORMS. The Employee Information Form is also used to change personal data such as name, current address, home phone number, citizenship status, etc. Questions should be directed to your department/area office.

Engineering and Computer Science, Maseeh College of


Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal employment opportunity protects the rights of individuals to equal consideration in employment and equal treatment with regard to all University programs and activities. Specifically, the University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, creed or religion, age, disability, or veteran status. Any person who believes that he or she has been discriminated against at the University may contact the Office of Affirmative Action, 122 Cramer Hall (5-4417) for information and guidance.

Escort, Evening

Campus safety officers are available to assist and escort individuals on campus to their vehicles, buildings, or other University locations after normal business hours. Call the Campus Security non-emergency line, 5-4407.


The Code of Ethics applies to all faculty when acting as PUBLIC OFFICIALS of the State of Oregon. This Code prohibits or restricts certain conduct: no use of public office to obtain personal financial gain, no use of confidential information for private gain, restricts certain future employment, and places some restrictions on solicitation and receipt of gifts and/or campaign contributions. For further details, see the Oregon Revised Statutes ORS.

Examination Standards

To ensure confidentiality and fairness in testing procedures faculty members are advised to take the following precautions: proctor all examinations to ensure adequate supervision of testing; store all tests and other confidential materials in a secure location; exercise every reasonable precaution to ensure that those who grade examinations and other papers are fully aware of their responsibilities in safeguarding the grading system's integrity.

Executive Committee

Committee membership includes the President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Finance & Administration, Vice President for University Advancement, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, Chief of Staff, Vice President for Research & Strategic Partnerships, Chief Diversity Officer, General Counsel, and Special Assistants to the President. The Executive Committee meets regularly to share information, plan upcoming activities, and to discuss major issues affecting the University.

Extended Studies

References: EXTENDED STUDIES and the PSU Bulletin.