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ABC's of Portland State University | D

Section D

Day Care



DataMASTER (Data Management and Analytics for Strategic Timely Education Reporting) is our code name for PSU’s data warehouse, where data mined from multiple campus sources can be aggregated into reports and dashboards.  Training for DataMASTER is offered regularly; questions and report requests may directed to

Deadline Appeals Board

Students may petition this board for exception from published deadlines such as late registration fees or late class changes. Petitions may be submitted before or after the deadline has passed and must include documentation of the reason for missing the deadline. Petition forms may be obtained at an Admissions & Records window in the Neuberger Hall lobby.


Desire2Learn (D2L) is an online course management system used by Portland State University to provide instructional support via the Internet. Instructors may use D2L to implement various functions such as to deliver online course materials, provide online communication tools, assess performance and/or manage course grades and activities. D2L can be accessed via

Direct Deposit

See DIRECT DEPOSIT. For further information about direct deposit, contact the Office of Human Resources (302 University Services Building, 5-4926,

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

The mission of the Disability Resource Center is to provide students with disabilities an equal access to education. To accomplish this goal, the DRC provides pre-admission counseling, academic planning, and a variety of academic accommodations. The DRC is located in 435 Smith Memorial Student Union. For details see DRC and DRC FACULTY RESOURCES.

Distance Learning Center

The Distance Learning Center (DLC), located in the Urban Studies Building, allows PSU to broadcast local classes and events to remote locations using interactive two-way video. PSU faculty may use this facility to conference with colleagues, serve on remote dissertations committees, and consult with research partners. The DLC supports faculty in the use of distance education technologies (video, streaming, web) and with integrating these technologies into traditional curriculum. For more information call 5-9145.

Drugs and Alcohol

The following is only a summary of the "Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy" at Portland State University. Alcohol use on University-owned property and grounds and/or at University-sponsored events is prohibited without the prior approval from the Vice President for Finance & Administration. The legal age for the consumption of alcohol in the State of Oregon is 21 years. The use of illicit drugs by student and employees is strictly prohibited. Guidelines for obtaining approval are outlined in the "Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages" available in department/area offices. PSU prohibits alcohol consumption by employees, officers or volunteers during normal working hours (or when performing normal job duties). Any exceptions to this provision will/must be approved in advance. All dispensing of alcoholic beverages at University-sponsored events held on or off campus or community-sponsored events held on University property shall conform to provisions of applicable State, County, City and University rules, directives and policies. Events that suggest the primary focus is to consume alcoholic beverages (i.e., happy hours) are not consistent with the University's philosophy and are prohibited. Whenever alcoholic beverages are served at University events, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages are to be offered and prominently featured. Alcohol and tobacco companies may not promote their products through the sponsorship of University events and publications. See EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. See DRUG FREE WORKPLACE POLICY.