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ABC's of Portland State University | C

Section C

Campus Public Safety Office

The Campus Public Safety Office (CPSO) is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure the safety of our community and its property. All officers attend the Public Safety Standards and Training Academy and are commissioned by the State of Oregon. They are empowered to enforce State laws and University regulations. Officers patrol the campus in marked patrol vehicles as well as on bicycle and foot. The CPSO is located next to Shattuck Hall on the corner of SW Broadway and College (5-4407). See SAFETY.

Candidates for Public Office

Before an employee shall become a candidate for any public office, whether for a salaried or nonsalaried position, the employee is expected to consult with the President. If elected or appointed to a full-time salaried office, the employee may be placed on leave of absence without pay during the term of office or may be required to resign. Reference: OREGON ADMINISTRATIVE RULES.

Child Care

The CHILDREN'S CENTER (5-CARE), located in 126 Smith Memorial Student Union, provides part-time reserved care and occasional care on a space-available basis. The HELEN GORDON CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER is an infant/toddler, preschool and kindergarten program and laboratory alternative also available on campus.

Class Rosters

Through the PSU information system, faculty members may view a roster of all currently enrolled students in their classes. How to Look Up Your Class Roster: 1. Go to the PSU home page at 2. Click on the Faculty & Staff link 3. Choose PSU Information System under faculty services. a. Login to the system following the instructions listed on the login page. Click here if you need additional help with Login 4. Click on the Faculty Services tab 5. Choose the term for which you would like the roster 6. Click on Summary Class List 7. Choose and submit the class for which you would like the roster 8. The roster of students that are currently enrolled in the course you have chosen will be displayed.  Download these step-by-step instructions.

Classified Employees

Classified employees are state employees, and have "classifications" such as Office Specialist, Carpenter, Cashier, etc. and are represented by the OREGON PUBLIC EMPLOYEES UNION (OPEU).

Collective Bargaining

The University recognizes the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS (AAUP) as the exclusive representative of all full-time (.50 annualized fte and above) members of the bargaining unit. Unless specifically excluded under the conditions of the contract, all full-time faculty are members of the bargaining unit. The University recognizes the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS (AFT), AFL-CIO as the exclusive representative of all part-time (less than .50 annualized fte) members of the bargaining unit. Please reference appropriate contract for complete information (AAUP/COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT and AFT/COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT). Copies of the current contract are provided to all members of the bargaining unit. The President of the local chapter of the AAUP may be reached at 5-4414; the Director of the PSU Faculty Association, AFT, may be reached at 224-3090.


PSU holds two Commencement ceremonies. The formal June graduation is held in the Rose Garden Arena; in August there is an informal ceremony held in the Park Blocks, weather permitting, or in the Peter Stott Center. Tenured faculty are required by contract to attend each Spring commencement.

Community College Relations (CCR)

The Community College Relations office in 425 Smith Memorial Student Union (5-9546,, provides advising and transition assistance to students transferring from a community college to PSU. CCR advisers provide regular on-site, pre-transfer advising at Chemeketa, Clackamas, Mt. Hood, and Portland Community Colleges as well as Clark College in Washington. CCR also coordinates advising support for students participating in PSU co-admission programs. Additionally, CCR advisers serve as liaisons for college personnel to develop collaborative educational opportunities that will enhance transfer student success. CCR supports the Presidential directive to provide PSU courses and programs on the community college campuses. See also UNDERGRADUATE ADVISING AND SUPPORT CENTER (UASC).

Computer Classrooms (ICC)

Instructional Computing Classrooms are designed for the hands-on instruction of course software or internet applications. These classrooms have 13 to 24 computers each, along with an instructor station connected to a ceiling-mounted projection system. Computer Classrooms are located in rooms CH1, NH437, NH439, NH446 (Mac), NH448, and NH450. For additional information or reservations, email or vist

Computer Purchase Program

This program allows eligible faculty, staff, and students to purchase microcomputer systems at discounted prices through special agreements between the Oregon University System (OUS) and Apple. General information on the program and Eligibility Certification Forms are available from the Powersource Electronics store in the Portland State University Bookstore, 1715 SW 5th, 5-3780.

Computer Account

Faculty members can set up their computer account on line. See USER ACCOUNT. The PSU user account is also known as an "Odin" account.


Limited information about a faculty member may be released on request and without the faculty member's consent: directory information, academic achievement--number of earned credits, salary and employment terms/conditions, and certain tabulated student classroom survey evaluations. Other information shall be considered personal and subject to restricted access. Reference: OREGON ADMINISTRATIVE RULES.

Conflict of Interest

When acting as a PUBLIC OFFICIAL of the State of Oregon, a potential conflict of interest may occur when the faculty member takes any action, the effect of which would be to the financial gain or loss of the faculty member, a member of the person's household, or an associated business of either. For further details, see the Oregon Revised Statutes ORS and CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Consensual Relationships

The University recognizes that two consenting adults should be free to conduct a personal relationship if they so wish; however, if a consensual relationship should develop between an instructor or supervisor and a student or supervisee, where a power differential exists, the instructor or supervisor should report the matter, as soon as possible, to his or her immediate supervisor, e.g., Department Chair, Professor in charge of the course, unit supervisor, etc. Reference: POLICY CONCERNING CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIPS.

Copyright, Computer Software

Almost all computer programs are protected under copyright law. The only exception may be public domain software or "shareware." Fair use should not be relied upon when using computer programs. The terms of the license should be studied carefully to determine if the program may be loaded on more than one computer at a given time. It will infringe the software publisher's copyright to make unauthorized copies. Questions about license terms may be directed to the Office of Information Technologies Helpdesk, SMSU 18.

Copyright Infringement

Portland State University expects all faculty, staff, and students to comply with federal copyright laws. A faculty member who knowingly infringes copyrights risks loss of protection from the State Insurance Fund and may incur significant personal liability. Portland State University may also impose disciplinary sanctions. See also PSU Copyrighted Print-Media Materials Use Policy.

Copyright - Intellectual Property

Copyrightable materials such as scholarly papers and textbooks generally remain the intellectual property of the developer. Other materials, including copyrightable software and other educational materials (including computer-based teaching materials) are covered by the OUS policies on the protection of intellectual property. Individuals with copyrightable intellectual property should contact the university Technology Transfer Officer through the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, 600 Unitus Building (5-3423) for assistance and advice. References to OUS administrative rules and IMDs on intellectual property, including copyrightable materials, are included in the section on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

Course Packets and Customized Anthologies

Recent court decisions have reaffirmed the power of copyright law in cases of course packets and customized anthologies. The Doctrine of "Fair Use" covering articles of approximately 2,500 words or a chapter representing less than 10 percent of a published work does not apply when the materials are to be used for more than one course or a single term. Even if there is no copyright notice listed on the title page, it cannot be inferred that a printed work is not protected by copyright. Faculty members should not assume that any education-related use will qualify as "fair use." When in doubt, it is best to request permission by writing to the publisher's Copyrights and Permission Department. Further information may be obtained from the PSU Bookstore (5-3780).

Curricula (New Courses, Changes in Existing Courses, New Programs, or Major Changes in Existing Programs)

Formal proposals for courses and programs must be reviewed and approved by the Unit Curriculum Committee, the Department Chair, the College/School Curriculum Committee, and the appropriate Dean. After these approvals are received, one paper copy with ALL REQUIRED SIGNATURES must be submitted to Academic Affairs; in addition one electronic copy (which may be unsigned) must be submitted to Steve Harmon in Academic Affairs (, and if the proposal is for a graduate course or program, an additional electronic copy must be submitted to Karen Popp ( in Graduate Studies. Course proposals must be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs by November 15 to be approved by all-University committees (Curriculum Committee and/or Graduate Council, and Faculty Senate) in time for guaranteed inclusion in the next calendar year's PSU Bulletin. New programs or major changes in existing programs need OUS approval after internal approval has been received. Forms and instructions are available from your Dean's office or on the Web here.